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As an independent mission marketer for Beyond Organic, I am extremely excited about this opportunity.  The program provides an amazing opportunity to become a Beyond Organic coach, to lead your community in health education and change and save lives.

Checkout this Video for More about Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic is on a mission to help people change their diet’s, change their life and change their world.  This amazing organization boasts the world’s greatest superfoods in grainless, enzymatically activated cookies, crackers and granola’s.  NuVino fermented beverages including fermented soda’s, fermented coffee and fermented tea.  100% grass-fed beef, raw cheese and super probiotic enriched Amasai and SeuroViv.  They also have extremely high quality skin and body care that is 100% organic and natural ingredients.  The Anti-Aging kit is one of a kind with incredible ingredients that works better than the higher priced packs that are common at Salons and beauty stores.

Jordan Rubin, the founder of Garden of Life, was sick and dying at the age of 20 in 1994.  As this video shows, Jordan was diagnosed with 19 different chronic diseases and left for dead by over 60 health care practitioners he had visited.  He finally got better by building his diet and lifestyle based on Biblical principles.  At 21, finally healthy, he started a supplement company named Garden of Life with the vision of providing key nutrients to help sick people get well and well people get even healthier.  Within 15 years, Garden of Life became the world’s largest supplement company and one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

In 2008, as he toured the US, Jordan was given a vision by God to be a Joseph to the nation.  His calling was to provide the highest quality whole-food nutrition grown in a sustainable manner for massive amounts of people.  Jordan eventually sold Garden of Life for a substantial amount of money and invested it into building the Beyond Organic ranches and food production centers along with the natural springs in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  The Beyond Organic vision is to see 1 million people eating and living the Beyond Organic lifestyle by the year 2020.

Beyond Organic is on a mission to change the world one family at a time with the highest quality superfoods and whole-food nutrition on the planet.  Shipped from the Beyond Organic ranches and food production centers straight to your house this model of food delivery saves you time and ensures the highest standards in ingredients, supply chain and production.

With Beyond Organic there is also a unique business opportunity with significant income potential for those who are interested. The fact that the organic industry is exploding with growth and will only continue to grow makes Beyond Organic a very exciting prospect.  This video explains more details about the great business opportunity.


Mission Marketing Options:

An individual can purchase Beyond Organic products retail online or through local providers.  They can also become a preferred customer for $20/yr and get a 20% discount on all their product purchases.  However, Beyond Organic is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about healthy living and wants to share the great products and lifestyle with their friends and family members.   Many individuals choose to become a mission marketer and purchase and use the products regularly and casually share the Beyond Organic message with their friends and family.  In a matter of months, simply by sharing the lifestyle they are already living these individuals are typically able to make enough commissions to offset their own food costs.  They are now EATING FOR FREE!  All by simply sharing a message of health, healing and pure nutrition that they were already living.

Beyond Organic also provides an incredible opportunity for those who are looking to start a home-based business and build a significant residual income stream.  Beyond Organic has a great marketing and commission plan for those who are passionate about sharing the message.  This video explains all the fine details behind the commission plan.

Beyond Organic Mission Marketer  ($199.95)

Includes the Mission Marketer Starter Kit PLUS…

Beyond Organic Books and Living Beyond Organic Magazines

FULL access to Beyond Organic University ($200 value)

Receive a Personal Replicated e-Commerce Website

Immediately qualifies you for Business Builder Bonuses

Same Benefits as with the Mission Marketer Starter Kit

Annual Fee of $19.95 after the 1st year

Have Questions?  Be sure to check out the FAQ page or go here





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