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Optimal Sleeping Postures

Dr. David Jockers continues helping you get a good night’s rest. In this video he demonstrates the best positions for sleeping effectively. Not everyone can sleep on their back all night. Dr. David explains how to sleep on your side and keep your spine in a healthy position. Optimal Sleeping Postures Protect the Spine: Good […]

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15 Tips for Better Sleep

Dr David Jockers shares tips for sleeping more effectively. 15 Tips for Better Sleep Poor sleep is a very serious threat to an individual’s health.  Poor sleeping habits lead to altered hormone balances and circadian rhythms.  This process accelerates the aging process and speeds up the development of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, […]

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Daytime Napping Improves Performance

Daytime Napping Improves Performance: Most of us remember nap times when we were children.  Sleep researchers have found that napping is actually one of the best ways to boost athletic performance and learning skills.  It is estimated now that over 70% of American society is suffering symptoms related to sleep deprivation (1).  Napping is an ideal […]

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Sleep Deprivation Increases Allostatic Load

Sleep Deprivation Increases Allostatic Load Quality sleep is one of the most fundamental nutrients that every person needs in order to perform at their optimal. Sleep deprivation creates a heightened stress response within the body that disrupts normal healing and tissue rejuvenation processes. Sleep deprivation increases allostatic load on the body and rapidly accelerates the […]

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15 Strategies to Beat Insomnia Naturally

Beat Insomnia Naturally If you have ever struggled to fall asleep at night or stay asleep through the night, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 20% Americans experience insomnia while close to 60 million people have sleep trouble in a given year (1). Chronic insomnia impairs mood and cognitive function while accelerating […]

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