Health Benefits of Raw Grass Fed Cheese

Health Benefits of Raw Grass Fed Cheese

Health Benefits of Raw Grass Fed Cheese

Cheese is one of America’s favorite foods.  The saturated fats involved in cheese give it a rich flavor and a comfortable feel.  This popular food can be extraordinarily good, however, it is often highly processed and made out of an inferior dairy supply.  Choose raw cheese from grass-fed cows for the incredibly good taste and the powerhouse of nutrients.

Cows naturally eat grass; however, 90% of dairy cows are raised in a tight, confined stall and fed a diet of genetically modified corn and soy.  This grain diet is not genetically congruent for the cow’s internal ecosystem and the cows build sickness and disease.  They become very acidic, which creates an ideal breeding ground for infectious bacteria such as E Coli.


Dairy Feedlots are Massively Toxic:

In the mainstream dairy feedlots, illness and infection are very common. Powerful antibiotics are used to keep infectious bacteria down but these also damage the natural micro flora the animals need to maintain good health.  This creates an even lowered natural immunity and contaminates the dairy with antibiotic substances and other dangerous chemicals.

The majority of industrial farms utilize Bovine hormone injections to increase size and weight.  Increasing hormone levels boosts milk production.  This also increases levels of utter infection, pus formation, antibiotic residue and a cancer accelerating hormone called IGF01.

Factory Farm Cow rBGH fueled!

Grain-Fed Cows Have High Omega 6 Fatty Acids:

Grain-fed cows produce dairy and cheese that is very high in omega 6 fatty acids.  The average ratio for a cow on a grain-fed diet is roughly 25:1 (omega 6:3).  This is genetically incongruent for all mammal species.  Humans should naturally have an omega 6:3 ratio around 4:1 or 2:1.  When these ratios become skewed they trigger cellular inflammation and accelerated cellular degeneration.  This environment causes an individual to become highly inflamed and build degenerative disease.

When the cows have this acidic, inflammatory environment they become very thirsty.  They drink significantly more water than grass-fed cows (as there is natural hydration in the grass).  This water helps to increase dairy production but the milk is thinner and less tasty.

Grain-Fed vs. Grass-Fed:

Years ago, a well-treated cow may have lived close to 20 years.  Consider that the typical cow begins lactating around age 2 that is 18 years of dairy production.  In 1950, typical cows lived around 10-15 years.  Today, the average dairy cow in an industrial farm lives 5 years (3 years of lactation).  During these 5 years the cows are massively fed and stressed to produce the absolute maximal amount of dairy.

Natural grass-fed cows produce between 3-5,000 pounds of milk a year while grain-fed, hormone injected cows can easily produce over 20,000 pounds a year.  This is a huge advantage for dairy production because they can feed the cows on government subsidized grains while massively producing dairy.

100% Grass-Fed Cheese:

Cheese from 100% grass-fed cows has a perfect omega 6:3 ratio of 2:1.  It also contains 5x the amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is an extraordinarily powerful cancer fighting nutrient.  CLA is known to boost metabolism and fat burning while enhancing natural immunity.   This form of cheese is also a great source of highly bioavailable calcium & magnesium, amino acids, vitamin A, D3, & K2.

Raw cheese is naturally processed through old world traditions.  This means that the cheese process begins minutes after the morning milking.  Because the milk is so fresh, it isn’t necessary to pasteurize it.  The natural heat (around 101.5 degrees F) involved in the cheese making process preserve the naturally beneficial enzymes in the milk which aid in the digestion of lactose and the absorption of protein, calcium and other critical nutrients.  Raw cheese also has a richer and deeper flavor than pasteurized dairy.

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