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7 Key Sleep Benefits You Need to Know

7 Key Sleep Benefits America is a fast-paced, 24-hour, hard-charging society. For some reason, we value working to the point of exhaustion, skipping sleep, and poor health habits as noble… Read More

Top 4 Supplements to Improve Sleep

Top 4 Supplements to Improve Sleep Sleep is a huge problem and most people are looking for ways to improve sleep quality. In today’s society, it’s hard to come by someone… Read More

7 Lifestyle Strategies for Better Sleep

7 Lifestyle Strategies for Better Sleep High-quality sleep seems to be becoming somewhat of a pervasive and wishful thought in our modernized society. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that nearly… Read More

8 Herbs that Improve Sleep Quality

8 Herbs That Improve Sleep Quality Getting to sleep in our society is becoming more and more of a science.  To help you unwind I’m going to outline the top 8… Read More

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse: Chocolate strawberry mousse is a recipe from my wife Angel, who loves to make food and home and body care recipes that support people’s journey to optimal… Read More

Hypoglycemia Causes and Natural Solutions

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Causes and Natural Solutions Blood sugar imbalances are very common in today’s society. Both high and low blood sugar can have undesirable effects on the human… Read More

10 Common Intermittent Fasting Myths

10 Common Intermittent Fasting Myths Intermittent fasting is the practice of going without food for longer periods of time than you are used to. You may also sometimes hear it… Read More

Strategies to Overcome Constipation on Keto

Strategies to Overcome Constipation on Keto Okay, so you’ve started a ketogenic diet and things are going great. You’ve lost weight and you feel great, but there’s one thing throwing… Read More