Anxiety Summit: The Gut-Brain Axis

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Anxiety Summit, Anxiety Summit:  The Gut-Brain Axis

Anxiety Summit, Anxiety Summit:  The Gut-Brain Axis

Anxiety Summit:  Gut-Brain Axis:

ANXIETY has become the defining mental health issue of our decade — with or without a diagnosis — women are affected at twice the rate of men, and more children and young adults are now stressed and anxious more than ever before. Join us to learn nutritional solutions!

—>>Click here to join me at The Anxiety Summit (free & online)!

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to a threat. However, more people than ever before find themselves far-too-frequently in a state of chronic stress and anxiety. To make it worse, most have no idea there are options other than drugs to address it.

They’re NEVER told that poor gut-health could be a root cause, instead they continue thinking their anxiety is much TOO SEVERE for nutrition to be the solution — this potential root cause MUST be explored, join me to learn why!

Anxiety Summit, Anxiety Summit:  The Gut-Brain Axis

I encourage you to register for this health event, especially if you have:

● Anxiety and feel overwhelmed and stressed by little things
● Panic attacks and/or obsessive thoughts or behaviors
● Social anxiety/pyroluria
● Phobias or fears (flying, spiders or even driving on a highway)
● Food sensitivities, IBS/SIBO, parasites or gallbladder issues
● Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, pain and other digestive issues
● Leaky gut, a leaky blood-brain barrier or vagus nerve issues
● Loved ones or clients/patients with any of the above issues
It’s time to learn all the ways poor gut health could trigger anxiety. With research-based solutions and practical steps, you can determine your root causes, ease your anxiety and prevent it from coming back so you can feel on top of the world again!

You will also want to hear my presentation on Fasting for Anxiety and Gut Health.  —>>Click here to join me at The Anxiety Summit (free & online)!

Anxiety Summit, Anxiety Summit:  The Gut-Brain Axis

Your host is Food Mood Expert and certified nutritionist Trudy Scott. She is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution and she educates anxious individuals about nutritional solutions for anxiety. This is her fifth Anxiety Summit, featuring all new topics and the latest research related to the gut-brain axis.

You’ll often hear that “all disease begins in the gut,” and it’s true that gut issues are often a root cause of anxiety. In fact, addressing gut health is part of the growing field of nutritional psychiatry. Trudy has interviewed amazing practitioners, who will share their gut-brain solutions, such as:

+ The magic of the microbiome

+ Importance of bile quality

+ Vagus nerve activation for gut/brain health, methylation and B12 polymorphisms

+ The role of GABA and tryptophan

+ How collagen can actually increase anxiety in some individuals

+ And so much more!

At The Anxiety Summit, you’ll hear from experts on parasites, mitochondrial health, a compound called PQQ and much more. One of the fabulous things about Trudy is that she’s a research geek, so she will always discuss the research as well as the practical aspects, like how to use a castor oil pack and how to make delicious herbal teas to improve your digestion.

When you balance your brain chemistry, not only will you alleviate symptoms of anxiety, you’ll also have a great mood, eliminate cravings, sleep well and have good energy and mental focus.

Learn to balance brain chemistry with targeted individual amino acid supplements and quickly alleviate anxiety, fear, worry, panic attacks and feeling stressed or overwhelmed, when you…

—>>Download your complimentary eGuide, Amino Acids 101 for Anxiety & Gut Health!

Anxiety Summit, Anxiety Summit:  The Gut-Brain Axis

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