Berry Hemp Breakfast Bowl -

Berry Hemp Breakfast Bowl

Beautiful+Breakfast+Bowl+-+Sarah+StanleyBerry Hemp Breakfast Bowl

This is a slightly modified recipe from my friend Sarah Stanley who has a great recipe blog called


Berry Hemp Breakfast Bowl Ingredients: 

½ cup hemp hearts

Dash cinnamon

Dash ginger

¼ cup shredded coconut

¼ cup of fresh blackberries

¼ cup of fresh raspberries

Optional Ingredients:

¼ cup of sprouted pumpkin seeds

½ cup of coconut milk or coconut yogurt

½ cup of raw grass-fed milk or yogurt

1 scoop of high quality protein powder

Berry Hemp Breakfast Bowl Instructions:

Take all ingredients and put in bowl and mix together.


Dr Jockers Comments:

I always loved breakfast cereal growing up and this is a grain-free, anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense cereal you will LOVE!  Feel free to have this as a breakfast or as a dessert depending upon your eating schedule and desire.

This recipe is loaded with anti-oxidants in the berries, good fats and protein in the hemp seeds and MCT’s in the coconut flakes.  Hemp seeds are a fantastic source of complete protein and have the ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.  The addition of a good milk, which is an optional ingredient makes this smooth and creamy.  You could use coconut milk, grass-fed raw milk, hemp milk or almond milk on this.

Ginger and cinnamon help to provide more anti-inflammatory, blood sugar regulating nutrients to keep you full of energy and feeling great after you finish this.   I like using a good quality protein powder such as my Gut Healing protein or bone broth protein to help add amino acids and more anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Your family is going to absolutely love this recipe and you have the freedom to play around with optional ingredients until you get it EXACTLY the way you want it, or to provide continual variety for those that like a new taste from time to time.


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