Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

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child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

The United States has an epidemic of childhood neurodevelopmental disease such as autism, ADHD, Asperger’s and mental retardation.  Much of this is due to the influence of industrial chemicals, processed foods, birth and childhood spinal trauma, & sedentary behavior.  A natural diet and innate lifestyle can dramatically benefit children’s brain development, boost IQ, and improve learning processes.

Children should eat a whole food based diet that is rich in color and variety.  This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds of different colors, shapes, & sizes.  Every color boasts its own unique variety of phytonutrient anti-oxidants. The novelty of the different produce will excite the child’s developing cerebellum and boost neural growth patterns in this important area of the brain.

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

Super Brain Shakes:

Super shakes using coconut, hemp, or almond milk with frozen berries and other frozen fruit is an amazingly refreshing and satisfying treat that could be made in a unique fashion more than once a day.  Try different fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, banana, etc.  Berries are typically higher in pesticides so be sure to get the organic frozen or fresh variety.  Consuming berries on a daily basis is great for your child’s IQ.

Bone broth protein is one of the best fuels for a growing child.  This protein provides a mega dose of key amino acids including L-glutamine which is a very important amino acid for tissue healing and a strong gastro-intestinal system.  Due to inflammatory diets and the overuse of anti-biotics and other medications many children have a very weak gastrointestinal lining.

When this lining is damaged, proteins are able to cross into the bloodstream.  The body then goes into self-defense against these alien proteins and triggers an inflammatory attack creating food allergies and intolerances.

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

Boost Glutathione for a Healthy Brain:

High quality bone broth protein also boosts glutathione which is the bodies master antioxidant. Glutathione protects cells by neutralizing oxygen molecules before they damage cells.  It also boosts natural liver detoxification and protects the arteries, brain, heart, and immune cells among others.

Children who are deficient in glutathione are much more likely to develop neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD and Asperger’s.  Supporting glutathione production will help your child’s IQ.

High quality bone broth protein also provides highly bioavailable amino acids that help produce healthy muscle tissue. This is especially important for active kids and athletes engaging in long practices and physically demanding sports.  These amino acids also help produce enzymes that carry out extremely important functions in the body.  Active enzymes help metabolize inflammatory wastes and positively influence tissue healing processes.

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

High Quality Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Children should be getting a minimum of 1 gram of high-quality long chain omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA each day. The best natural source of EPA & DHA is wild, Alaskan sockeye salmon.   Salmon also contains astaxanthin which is another powerful antioxidant that is particularly good for eye health.

Having wild salmon (never farmed) once or twice a week is particularly good for children.  Grass-fed beef is also high in EPA and DHA as are free range eggs and wild game such as venison.  These should all be rotated into the diet and eaten on a regular basis.  Additional supplementation with a high quality, purified fish oil containing ample amounts of EPA & DHA is also highly recommended.

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

Use Our Children’s Brain Support Pack

My Brain Support Pack is designed for children aged 2-14 years of age to get the key nutrients that are necessary for optimal brain function and cognitive processing.  This contains our Brain Supercharge protein powder which supports B vitamins (methylated B complex), mitochondrial function (CoQ10, L-carnitine), multi-vitamin and mineral and anti-oxidant levels (glutathione precursers) .  It also contains a specific form of magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier and reduces the overexpression of stress hormones.

Additionally, the Children’s brain support pack contains Cod liver oil for omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A.  It also has a clinically studied probiotic that helps support healthy digestive function and bowel motility.

Finally, we have a high quality magnesium powder that uses magnesium L-threonate that is clinically tested to cross the blood brain barrier and improve brain health and our stress response.  This powder comes in tasty lemon lime and mixed berry flavors.

These nutrients help the brain to produce the right amount of neurotransmitters and other neurochemicals.  Additionally, these key nutrients have a powerful effect at reducing the inflammatory fires that destroy our brain tissue.

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

Drink Filtered Water

Municipal water is extraordinarily toxic to healthy brain development and drinking it daily can harm your child’s IQ and brain development.. Clean, filtered water that has removed chlorine, DBP’s, heavy metals and fluoride is essential.  High quality reverse osmosis systems are one of the very few water systems that is able to effectively remove fluoride.

Add back a pinch of pink salt (1/4 teaspoon per gallon) to replace any lost minerals from the reverse osmosis process.  Teach your children not to use municipal water fountains but instead to carry bottled water in either glass or stainless steel bottles.

Good hydration is essential for a healthy brain and body. I recommend that your child drink 6 to 8 glasses of clean water minimum a day. If they are exercising, spend time outside in the sun or are recovering from an illness or infection, or otherwise feeling dehydrated, drink more.

I recommend systems like  Aquatrue or the Berkey system for low cost filtration.  The best water is the Synergy Science hydrogen water which is what I use at home as it is powered by molecular hydrogen which reduces oxidative stress in the body and improves immune function.  Add a slice of lime for some extra flavor. Additionally, I recommend drinking herbal tea as well. Echinacea, ginger, and peppermint are fantastic options for immune support

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

The Hydrogen Water System My Family Uses 

Hydrogen water is increasingly popular. You can buy cans, bottles, hydrogen tablets to be added to plain water, and hydrogen water machines to make hydrogen water at home. Making your own hydrogen water is possibly the most cost-effective strategy in the long-run.

My family and I use the Echo H2 Machine and this is what I regularly recommend to my patients, readers, and friends as well. It is the most advanced and highest quality counter top hydrogen water I’ve found on the market. It’s reliable and simple to use. It is not simply a hydrogen water system, but it also provides a good filtration system that creates clean, anti-inflammatory, bioavailable, anti-allergy, neutral pH water with molecular hydrogen.

It filters out chlorine and other chemicals, pesticides, glyphosate, water-soluble metals, pharmaceutical drugs, algae, and bacteria. I highly recommend this product if you want to reduce inflammation, experience antioxidant support, boost cognition, improve your digestion, boost your metabolism, improve heart health, increase longevity, and simply feel better overall.  If you want to watch a special video on the benefits of hydrogen water you can do that here. 

child's iq, Boost Your Child’s IQ Naturally

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