5 Ways to Boost Growth Hormone Naturally

5 Ways to Boost Growth Hormone Naturally

boost growth hormone

Boost Growth Hormone Naturally:

One of the most widely publicized anti-aging hormones is human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is renowned for its ability to stimulate muscle development, bone growth, & fuel immune activity while switching your body into a potent fat burning machine.  In this article, you will learn 5 ways to boost growth hormone naturally.  

HGH is known to provide us with many other benefits as well, such as enhancing skin repair (reducing wrinkling), restoring internal organs that have atrophied with age, reversing cognitive deterioration, and stimulating bone marrow cell production resulting in more red blood cells (1, 2, 3, 4) .

Boost Your HGH with Natural Strategies:

After reaching 20 years of age, our natural production of HGH begins to decline at an average rate of 14% per decade.  By the age of 40, HGH production decreases by 30%  and by the time  you reach 60, it reduces by 80%. The decline in HGH is a factor in many aging effects like increase in body fat, thinning and wrinkling of skin, decrease in the function of immune system, decreased sexual desire and many more (5).

However, there are individuals who maintain normal HGH production throughout their lifetime, due to greater cellular purity and sufficiency.  Statistics that are done on a sick, diseased country do not apply to those of us who know better.

Proper Conditions for Growth Hormone:

Growth hormone is secreted in abundant amounts when certain conditions are present such as a pure & sufficient body free of neurotoxic sludge, an optimal functioning nervous system, an alkaline diet that is appropriate for an individual’s nutritional type, low stress, regular exercise, & good sleeping habits  

When these conditions are sacrificed for a period of time, growth hormone secretion is limited. HGH enters the blood stream in bursts during deep sleeping cycles.  The body’s biological rhythm has it naturally produce more growth hormone during the critical 4-hour stretch between approximately 10pm and 2am.  Our ancient ancestors were typically in a deep sleep cycle during this time…however, in our society today we typically stay up later.  By being awake during this time period, we fail to maximize our own internal HGH stores.

Burst/surge training, or training at very high intensity’s for short periods of time, greatly enhances HGH secretion.  This is part of the mechanism that allows us to “burn fat while we sleep,” as HGH is a strong player in burning fat for fuel.  To maximize HGH secretion, our exercise sessions should follow these guidelines:

Guidelines for Maximal HGH:

1.  Must Be Very High Intensity:  80-100% max effort.  The heavy anaerobic exercise leads toan enzymatic adaptation to lactic acid and ion accumulation in the muscle. The burning caused by the lactic acid increases human growth hormone secretion process.

2.  Must Be Short Duration:  5-30 minutes, very long duration exercise enhances stress hormone production which has catabolic effects on your body.  From my experience in the fitness field, many people over-train, which can severely dampen their weight loss, energy levels, and immune function.

3.  Best Done On An Empty Stomach.  This causes the body to dig deep into its stored glycogen (stored carbohydrate) within the liver and muscle.  Upon post glycogen depletion, the body adapts to make sure it sufficiently enhances glycogen production.  HGH is a powerful player in this process, so it is secreted in larger doses during these conditions.

Boosting Your HGH Naturally:

HGH is now one of the most popular prescriptions on the market.  People of all shapes and sizes purchase this and inject it into their bodies for its anti-aging benefits.  Because this sort of outside-in approach is a violation the natural order of health and healing it is not a long-term solution.

When we supplement with natural factors our body is used to producing, the body stops producing the same level as it naturally would, creating a dependency.  Fortunately, there is a lifestyle that allows our bodies to produce HGH and other hormones in pure & sufficient quantities.

Learn how you can implement burst training along with the healing diet to naturally balance your hormones and allow your body to shed fat and lose weight & increase your energy levels throughout the day.

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