Brain Tumor Healing Naturally

jason-and-melissaBrain Tumor Healing Naturally

My son Jason, a year out of the navy and working with his dad in construction, suffered a grand mal seizure on the jobsite in the summer of 2001. He had a tumor the size of a golf ball which was resected and then irradiated.  No signs of cancer until January, 2016. Several cat scans between January 20 and late March showed an “aggressive grade 3 astrocytoma.”

Dr. Schiff, neurooncologist at UVA said that the tumor was actually above a grade 3. Jason had lost the use of his left arm and was given a one in three chance of regaining that function. He had frequent partial seizures, half his mouth drooped and his left leg weakened.  He coughed when eating and drinking-because he had difficulty swallowing.

The Cancer Cleanse Program

In April, we started Jason on Dr Jockers Cancer Cleanse program, with the ketogenic diet, green juicing and more.  We immediately saw great changes.  Dr Jockers advised for us to look for hyperbaric oxygen therapy center in our area and we found one.

In late April, Jason went in a hard hyperbaric chamber for two 1.5 hour sessions and was able to get the use of his arm back. In mid-May he was able to access a soft chamber on an almost daily basis. Although he lost some ground between the two chambers, he gained it back and continues to improve.

Jason is on his 40th day of a ketogenic diet with numerous supplements, as advised by Dr. Jockers. On June 2nd, Dr. Schiff was surprised to see that Jason had regained movement in his left arm. He informed us that the mri done earlier that day revealed the tumor went from 4cm to 3cm, not a 25% decrease but a 50% decrease because of its spherical shape.

I did the math and came up with 58% decrease. Praise Yeshua! Thank you all for your encouragement.

Melissa Clark


Dr. Jockers

Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. He has developed 6 revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants.



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  1. Hello David, My Mom dies 20 years ago about 6 months after an astrocytoma surgery.
    We went through those 6 months with the help of hospice because we thought that it was the best way to fill Moms’ desire to stay at home and die in her own bed. There was no thought of trying to “cure” her or lengthen her time.
    Right on schedule she went through all the stages from speech problems to a very peaceful and blessed death, in her own bed. and we thought that the best we could have done for her and think that was true, at that time.
    After reading your account of a successful elimination of the same kind of tumor by diet and supplements I am sure I would have tried your regimen to maybe a happier closure of her life. I wish you a grateful thank you for helping your patient and hope for more successes for your methods of attacking this and many other health problems.

  2. Ty my wife was diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumors stage 3 in her left ventricle that’s in operable. We are currently juicing and doing the ketogenic diet ,we have done the chemo and radiation and luckily the tumors not grown but now they are wanting to do more chemo 23 days off 5 days on for a year. We do not want to go this root do you have any suggestions on clinics or doctors that specifically deal with brain tumors. Been in touch with the Burnzyski clinic not sure that’s a viable option any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy.

  3. Thanks Andy & Dr Jockers! I have temporal lobe tumor, chemo taking it’s toll w my blood counts and i’m looking for dr to help me go w all natural healing now. Please add any suggestions but I will contact Dr Bruzinski!! THANK YOU! I’ve lived with this almost 9 years, many blessings to you both!

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