Breast Cancer is at an all-time high! In the United States, 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer during the course of their lives. 

The level of pain, stress and suffering that women and families go through after receiving this diagnosis can be overwhelming. 

Modern research shows that 95% of breast cancer is completely preventable. At this workshop you will discover: 

  • The Safest Way to Test For Breast Cancer 
  • Estrogen Metabolism and Its Effect on Cancer 
  • Key Nutrients to Prevent & Reverse Breast Cancer 
  • Specific Tests to Find the Underlying Cause of the Cancer 
  • Action Steps You Can Start Immediately to Optimize Your Health 

We hope that this high level workshop event will completely change the conversation about illness and health in a way that will empower you to live free of the anxiety of getting sick, to actual PREVENTION so that you are free to live the life of your dreams. 

Exodus Health Center|October 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM

About Dr David Jockers DC,MS,CSCS

Dr. David Jockers is a functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia and runs one of the hottest natural health websites in DrJockers.com 

He is the author of “SuperCharge Your Brain: The CompleteGuide to Radically Improve Your Mood, Memory and Mindset,” and the SuperCharged Recipe book with over 180 full-color recipes to help you take back control of your health. 

He has developed 6 revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants. These programs include E-guides, recipe guides, meal plans and video instructions including “The Sugar Detox,” “The Cancer Cleanse,” “Navigating the Ketogenic Diet,” “The Digestive Health Restoration Program,” "The Auto-Immune Elimination Program," and "The Super Brain Program." 

Dr Jockers is also a sought after speaker around the country on such topics as weight loss, brain health, healing leaky gut, thyroid function, natural detoxification and disease prevention.