Cancer Cleanse Detox Program



Normal Price: $397

Introductory Price: $147

“Your body is a cancer killing machine.  Equipped with a high powered immune system and intracellular anti-oxidant defense system…you have the ability to prevent and reverse cancer.”

Cancer is not an accident or something we catch. It is DEFINITELY not a death sentence. Abnormal cell development is a normal physiological process.

Our immune system is designed to regulate these abnormal, mutated cells and keep them from building up.  When the body is overloaded with toxic chemical, physical and mental/emotional stressors it suppresses the immune system and these abnormal cells develop unregulated and form into either slow or fast growing tumors.



We are either creating cancer or we are killing it every day. Cancer is something that we CAN PREVENT and often times heal from with the proper education and lifestyle strategies.  Many people tell me that they have tried to live a “healthy lifestyle,” or “I have tried juicing, etc.” thinking as they have exhausted the lifestyle approach and it failed.

Unfortunately, these individuals were not properly educated on all the major tenants that must be addressed in order for the lifestyle to be effective. Eating a salad every day, taking a few supplements or doing a vegetable juice is a great start, but to prevent or overcome chronic disease, we need more.

Introducing the 15-Day Cancer Cleanse:



Here are the Key Features of the Program:


The Cancer Cleanse Program:

This booklet and program was designed to honor all the people throughout the world who have been affected by cancer.  Whether you personally had this disease or you have had friends and family member who have been challenged by cancer, this program is designed for you!



30 Cancer Killing SuperFoods E-Book:

This book goes over the best foods for strengthening the immune system and cleansing the body. The book provides helpful ways to prepare and utilize these foods and herbs.




Navigate the Ketogenic Diet for Optimal Health:

The ketogenic diet is an advanced nutritional approach that improves fat burning, preserves lean body tissue and improves brain function. The Ketogenic diet also starves cancer cells of their preferred fuel source (sugar) and allows our immune system to function at it peak.

This book goes over all the details and challenges involved with the Ketogenic diet in order to turn your body into a lean, mean fat burning, cancer killing machine.



20 Advanced Healing Strategies E-Book:

This e-book goes over how to apply advanced healing strategies to improve your health. This guide explains how to do things such as oil pulling, castor oil packs, dry brushing, Epsom salt baths, coffee enemas and so much more!

Strategies you can apply right at your home to dramatically improve your life and health!



The Complete Guide to Great Juicing:

Making green juices is one of the best ways to get megadoses of phytonutrients and anti-oxidants into the body. This E-guide helps walk you through everything you need to know in order to make delicious and nutrient rich green drinks


The Cancer Cleanse Recipe Book:

50 great low-carb, nutrient dense recipes designed to load the body with powerful nutrition. This includes green juices, anti-inflammatory drinks, smoothies, snacks, main courses and desserts. You will love the recipes you find in this book.


Cancer Cleanse Meal Plan:

We give you the shopping list so you can get the key foods you need to reach your health goals. The lifestyle guide helps you hold yourself accountable to getting the health results you want.




Step By Step Video Guides:

We have over 25 short videos that walk through all the major aspects of this program.

In these videos I break down all the major features of the program and how to successfully implement the various steps involved in the program.


Dedicated Facebook Group:

There is a private facebook group for this program that is a place to ask questions, get feedback from others who are doing the program, learn and grow.



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7 Steps to Avoid the Detox Flu[/threecol_one_last]



Normal Price: $397

Introductory Price: $147

Why I Created This Program:

When I was 19 years old, I watched my grandfather develop a metastatic melanoma (skin cancer) that spread into his bones. In 6 months, he lost over 100 pounds and passed slowly in incredible pain and debilitation. Watching him suffer the way he did began my quest to learn about natural health.

I became a personal trainer and nutritionist and went on to graduate school to get my doctorate in chiropractic. My vision was to create a community health center in order to educate and empower people to take care of their bodies – The Living Temple for the Spirit that lie within them.

At 27, that vision came true, when I opened Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. Opening Exodus on credit cards and having massive debt and uncertantly created incredible stress. I slept on a mattress in the back of my office and worked 18 hour days to create a fast growing and successful clinic. But it nearly killed me!

Early in my professional career, at the age of 28, I developed skin cancer and began researching everything I needed to do naturally to reverse this condition.   This program represents what I did to reverse that condition and regain my health.

Today, I am sought out all over the world to customize plans for people to strengthen their body and overcome chronic disease. This program is a result of putting all of my major strategies together into one program so one could access it in a user friendly, visually appealing manner.

This program is equivalent to spending 10 hours of consultation time with me or another expert in cleansing and healing. That is a $2000 value alone, but the fact that you have all the written and video guides gives you lifetime access to this invaluable information.  I am so confident in this program that if you are not happy with it, we have a 30-day full refund policy so you can rest assured that if you aren’t satisfied you can get your money back.

My Prayer For This Program:

My prayer for this program is that it resources, equips and empowers you with the knowledge and practical application that is necessary to cleanse and supercharge your body!



Normal Price: $397

Introductory Price: $147




Q: I have been diagnosed with cancer, how do I know for sure this program is going to work for me?

A: This program covers the foundational lifestyle steps to get well naturally. It is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure cancer or any other chronic disease. We do pray that the information you get from this program will help you overcome cancer naturally.

As with any new lifestyle intervention, it is important to discuss the various modalities with your doctor before beginning.

Q: Can this program be done in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation and/or drug treatments?

A: Yes, this program can be done in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation and/or drug therapies. As always, be sure to discuss this with your physician.

Some of the treatments are not recommended to do the same day as chemotherapy or radiation treament and that is explained in the booklets.

Q: Is this program designed to treat or cure cancer?

A: No, this program is designed for educational purposes only and is not deisgned to diagnose, treat or cure cancer or any other type of chronic disease.

Q: Do I have to purchase any supplements to do this program?

A: Although supplements can be very helpful, this program is focused on whole food nutrition, lifestyle and cleansing strategies. There are some general supplements that are recommended, but we don’t market any specific brands in this program.

Q: Is there a date/time when I am to begin the 15-day Cleanse?

A: No, you can choose to begin this program at any specific time that works best for you. The key is that you are learning the information you need and specific strategies to successfully cleanse and heal your body.

You also have a meal plan to follow and video guides to help you.

Q. Will I receive DVDs and books with my purchase?
A: This is a digital program. All materials are posted to an online account. We encourage you to print or download the PDFs as well as download the videos to your computer, tablet or phone. Dr. Jockers designed this program to give you immediate access. This format will allow you to begin your Cancer Cleanse program right away!

Q. Since this is a digital program, which devices can I use to access it?
A: For best results, access your account from your laptop or PC and use Google Chrome as your browser. These files are very large and may not be compatible with your iPad or iPhone.

Q. Since the program is digital, how long will I have access to the information?
A:  You will have lifetime access to your online Cancer Cleanse account. If you’d prefer, you may print these materials, download them to your laptop/computer, upload them to your icloud.

Q. I follow an alternative diet (vegan, vegetarian, etc.). Are these meal plans compatible with my preferences?
A:  Dr. Jockers’ meal plans are not specifically designed for vegan/vegetarian preferences, but the recipes are easily modified. The Ketogenic Diet shopping guide along with the meal plans provide a vital guide for all dietary lifestyles.

Q. I have health issues I would like to discuss with Dr. Jockers before beginning the Cancer Cleanse program. Where may I submit my questions?
A:  You can contact with any specific questions on the program and we will do our best to help you in whatever way we can.



About Dr David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS

Dr. David Jockers is a Maximized Living doctor,DRJOCKERS_NEWBIO_PIC
functional medicine practitioner, corrective care
chiropractor, nutritionist, exercise physiologist and
certified strength & conditioning specialist.
He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center
in Kennesaw, Georgia and runs one of the hottest
natural health websites in

His experience working with thousands of individuals
has given him a level of expertise in the field. He has
had the privilege of traveling to London with the
Maximized Living wellness advisory council to
help the USA athletes win the gold in 2012.

He is a leading writer for “NaturalNews,” “Organic Lifestyle Magazine” and “The Truth About Cancer” which are three of the top online health publications in the world. He is also on the expert panel for the popular “South African Journal of Natural Medicine.” He has well over 1200 professionally published natural health articles all over the internet and in-print magazines

Dr Jockers is the author of “SuperCharge Your Brain: The Complete Guide to Radically Improve Your Mood, Memory and Mindset.” He has also authored “Super Immunity: The Path to Never Get Sick Again” and the “SuperCharged Healthy Recipe Book.

He is a sought after speaker around the country on such topics as weight loss, brain health, functional medicine, natural detoxification and disease prevention. Dr Jockers does local and long-distance consultations to help customize specific lifestyle plans to improve performance and beat chronic disease.