Holistic Oral Health Summit

Holistic Oral Health Summit Oral health is one of the most important considerations for your overall health.  Is your dentist considering how your oral health is affecting your whole body?… Read More

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit The chronic lyme disease summit brings together the leading experts in natural health and lyme disease.  Now considered to be a dysfunction of the immune system,… Read More

The Leaky Brain Summit

The Leaky Brain Summit “Leaky brain” is a brain health issue that often goes undetected and can underlie stress, anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, brain degeneration and autoimmunity. Caused by various… Read More

The Fasting Transformation Summit

The Fasting Transformation Summit Fasting is the most ancient, inexpensive and powerful healing strategy known to mankind — it can reduce inflammation, turn on cellular cleansing and naturally reduce our… Read More