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10 Key Health Benefits of Eggs

10 Key Health Benefits of Eggs People have been advised by professionals in the medical field to avoid eggs for decades because of the high cholesterol content. Only recently cholesterol… Read More

Are Nightshade Vegetables Dangerous?

Are Nightshade Vegetables Dangerous? Vegetables are a well-known source of nutrients containing vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which are essential for optimal human health and vitality. But did you know… Read More

Fat Burning Sweet Berry Shake

Fat Burning Sweet Berry Shake: This fat burning sweet berry shake is a great meal replacement shake that is loaded with healthy fat burning ingredients.  Have this as your breakfast… Read More

The AutoImmune Nutrition Plan

The AutoImmune Nutrition Plan:  How many times have you sought medical attention to improve a health problem you are facing only to walk out of the office with little indication… Read More

Identifying Your Food Sensitivities

Identifying Your Food Sensitivities Food sensitivities can include specific food allergies and food intolerances that can be very destructive to the body.   Food allergies are a very severe immune reaction… Read More