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The Revitalizing Power of Breathing

The Revitalizing Power of Breathing: “Breathing is the FIRST place not the LAST place one should investigate when any disordered energy presents itself.” Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD Ph.D. , The Oxygen Breakthrough,… Read More

The Importance of Cleansing

The Importance of Cleansing Have you ever heard of cleansing our bodies?  We know that life in the 21st Century is full of stress and environmental toxicity.  We have over… Read More

My Favorite Holiday SuperFoods

My Favorite Holiday SuperFoods The holiday season is notorious for high stress, and lots of high sugar, high fat comfort foods.The inevitable result of this late season binge is a… Read More

The History of Real Whole Milk

The History of Real Whole Milk Whole Milk is one of the most culturally similar foods through all regions of the world.  Throughout history, other mammals have supplied mankind with… Read More

Should You Get a Flu Shot?

Should You Get a Flu Shot? “Safe and effective.”  “The single most effective way to prevent influenza.”  “The flu vaccine cannot cause infection of the flu.” Have you heard these… Read More