Reversed Chronic Insomnia

Yvette was able to reverse brain fog, chronic insomnia, anxiety, asthma and allergies by following the Maximized Living 5 Essentials

Lost 100+ lbs

Paul has lost 115 lbs and reversed 4 major health conditions on his path to Maximized Living thru Exodus Health Center. Let his story inspire you.

Brain Stimulating Exercises

Dr. David Jockers shares easy and surprisingly effective exercises you do with your body to improve synaptic connections in your brain. A Maximized Living doctor, Dr. Jockers is committed to… Read More

Burst Training

Burst Training:  Let Dr. David Jockers show you how to boost Human Growth Hormone and testosterone with just 5 minutes a day of INTENSE workout. It’s not about long workouts,… Read More

Core Strengthening Exercises

Core Strengthening Exercises.  Dr David Jockers teaches you how to stretch and exercise to build great potential for the health of your body’s core.  Get in the process of building… Read More