Chiropractor Going to the Olympics

Chiropractor Going to the Olympics


Chiropractor Going to the Olympics

Dr. David Jockers is going to London as part of the Wellness Advisory Council with Maximized Living.  The Wellness Advisory Council is a group of 150 doctors who have advanced certifications in nutrition & detoxification, fitness, spinal corrective chiropractic care and performance enhancement.

The Wellness Advisory Council is the performance enhancement specialists for USA Martial Arts, USA Judo, USA Wrestling, USA Women’s Volleyball & USA Weight Lifting.  This group of select doctors were chosen to work hands-on with these elite athletes as they compete for medals in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

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Wellness Advisory Council:

The Maximized Living Wellness Advisory Council also works with CrossFit athletes throughout the country as well as the professional soccer team the Colorado Rapids.  On a local level many Maximized Living doctors work with highschool and collegiate athletes and teams in a variety of sports.

Dr. Jockers owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Ga where he specializes in customized nutrition, weight loss, functional fitness & corrective chiropractic care.  He is also the developer of, which is one of the hottest new natural health websites on the internet. provides its audience with real health solutions, recipes and advanced strategies for overcoming health disorders and supercharging their life.


Dr Jockers Comments:

Dr Jockers says, It is a great honor to be have the opportunity to work with Olympic level athletes and get to participate in the games.  I am very excited about this opportunity, all the hard work I have put in, to be considered at the top of my industry and have this privilege is very rewarding.    I am most excited for my clients who get to brag that they see an Olympic level doctor.”

“Peformance enhancement should extend far beyond athletes as I believe if everyone focused on using natural strategies to improve their performance the entire world would be better.  People would have more energy, better mental clarity, less pain, better sleep, better relationships, improved productivity, etc.

Much of the same strategies we use with high level athletes, we teach to our regular client base.  Some natural health principles are universal…in that they would dramatically benefit most everyone who applies them.”

Dr Jockers will be working most specifically with the USA Judo team in his first professional Olympic experience and will be away from his local office and in London from July 29th – August 6th.  We are very excited for Dr Jockers and his opportunity to go to the Olympics!


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