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Diane Walker

Diane WalkerMy name is Diane Walker and I was born Jan 11, 1989 and grew up in Carrollton, GA. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Health Science from Kennesaw State University in August of 2011.  I started working at Exodus Health Center in April of 2012.   I obtained my RYT 200 hour yoga certification in March 2013 and am forever expanding my yoga knowledge!

I am passionate about encouraging others to love their bodies and appreciate the movement God gave them! I teach yoga and am passionate about teaching how to use the body through movement to create empowerment, growth in one’s relationship to God, and teaching others the power of combining breath with movement! I also love food and creating a healthy relationship with Food and nourishing your body!

What do you love about being a part of Exodus Health Center?
I love being a part of Exodus because every day I am surrounded by passionate doctors and co-workers that inspire me every day to live to my full potential. I have a great team of people who lift me up and value true wellness of body, mind, and spirit! The atmosphere is energetic, open, and loving. The patients are Awesome and inspire me more and more each day to grow my compassion! I am excited to be part of a team that has an amazing mission from God to Love others; change the face of healthcare; and get people to thriving the way God has envisioned for Everyone!!!

Why is Maximized Living the Answer to the Health Care Crisis?
Maximized living is based in the five essentials and puts all of the pieces together! The Nervous System is the most amazing system in the body that God created and our entire existence depends on the state of our Central Nervous System! Maximized Living acknowledges this principle and has True compassion to help others to not only get well but gain true freedom and maximize their lives. I love maximized living because it gives people true hope and a plan that works!!!

How have you been able to incorporate the 5 Essentials into your daily way of life?
I have been able to use the five essentials to thrive in my life everyday!

Max mind – I mediate on the word of God every day before my yoga practice.

Max nerve supply – I get adjusted 2-3 times each week and never miss an adjustment!

Quality Nutrition – I follow the maximized living Core Plan and Doctor Jockers’ SuperCharged Energy plan– eating quality grass-fed beef, good fats, and eliminated all toxic fats, sugars, and processed foods. I love to cook!

Functional Fitness – I practice yoga 6-7 times per week! I move whenever I can and take regular walks each morning and night! I love movement!

What are your top 5 superfoods and name 3 of your favorite recipes?

  1. Avocados
  2. Raw Cacao
  3. Turmeric
  4. Lemon
  5. Grass-fed Beef

My favorite recipes all involve my favorite food, Avocado:

  • Chocolate Avocado Mouse
  • Avocado Key lime Pie
  • Guacamole

What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?
Yoga, yoga, and more yoga!!! I LOVE YOGA!!! I do yoga 6-7 times per week and move whenever I can. I love the outdoors and hike, bike, and explore! I love burst training and burt-bees, walking and running outside! I climb trees whenever I can and play with my nephews! (That’s a great workout!)

What do you do on a daily basis to keep yourself inspired and positive?
My yoga practice keeps me inspired and grateful each day. I dedicate my practice to God before every yoga practice! I make sure to wake up early and have my yogi tea and go on a brisk walk in the fresh air before work and Pray each day!

What do you do to improve your spine and nervous system on a regular basis?
I get Adjusted!!!! And do Yoga!!!

How have you been able to minimize your exposure to toxins?  Have you tried any cleanses?  What are your favorite strategies to detox?
I got all my mercury fillings removed, all five! I love the suero cleanse and have done it three times! I do intermittent fasting as a part of my daily lifestyle doing 16-18 hours fasts each day! I have gotten crazy energy and clarity through fasting – I love it! I eat fermented foods on a regular basis and take my Probiotics and fish oil!!! I use a shower filter and only use products made from natural sources and Doctor Jockers’ approved ingredients!  Dr. Mercola is a Great Brand to trust for toothpaste and other products.