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Dr Andrew St Bernard

Dr Andrew is passionate about helping people achieve their God given potential for health and healing, specifically through corrective chiropractic care.  Dr Andrew graduated from Life University with honors and has worked and trained under some of the top doctors in the world of chiropractic and natural health care.

Dr Andrew is a renowned speaker and has had the privilege of teaching and leading people in corporations, schools and community organizations.  He loves to give back to his local community through dinner and lunch and learn events.

Dr Andrew is a husband to Candace and a father to Gaby, Charlotte and Genevieve.  He enjoys strength training and taking care of his body and spending time with his family.  He is active in his church and is passionate about praying with his patients and seeing God use him to make a difference in people’s lives.   Dr Andrew came on board at Exodus Health Center in 2013 to serve as a lead chiropractor.

Dr. Andrew has an avid interest in physical fitness. In 2007, he competed in his first all natural body building competition with Supernatural Bodybuilding & Fitness, and placed top 2 in the novice division. In 2008, he ran his first half-marathon and finished just under his goal of 2 hours.

Most importantly however, Dr. Andrew enjoys sharing his knowledge with others to help them achieve their goals. “I get a kick out of seeing the light bulb turn on when someone gets what I’m saying”, he says. “When I know that their lives will be completely changed from that moment forward, that is what fuels my passion!”


What do you love about being a part of Exodus Health Center?
It is such a blessing to be able to serve our community in such a powerful and loving way! Exodus Health Center has created a culture of health (or family community) that makes it easier for people to radically transform their lives, and I get really excited to be a part of such a worthwhile mission.

Why is Foundational Living the Answer to the Health Care Crisis?
Because the traditional model of “health care” is broken. At best, it is sick care, and hen have we been taught to see a doctor? When we are already sick! It is well known that it is harder to reverse a negative health status than it is to prevent the loss of health. So what is the medical model’s version of prevention? Early detection. This does increase your chances of beating an illness greatly, however it still doesn’t address the cause – It doesn’t answer the “why?”. Foundational Living is the answer to the “why?”.

How have you been able to incorporate the 5 Essentials into your daily way of life?
Believe it or not, I didn’t just wake up one morning and start doing all 5 essentials perfectly. In fact, I am still not perfect. However, I became dedicated to my pursuit of better health through the 5 essentials when I first became aware of what they were, and why it was important for me to live that way. It all starts with Foundational Thinking and preparing yourself mentally for the task of living life differently than the majority, and for me this was only achieved when I uncovered the truth about how my body was designed, and what it needed to function at it’s highest level. From that point on, it was much easier to be committed to getting specific chiropractic adjustments regularly, following nutritional guidelines, exercising appropriately, and avoiding toxic chemicals.

What are your top 5 superfoods and name 3 of your favorite recipes?
Top 5 Superfoods – Avocado, Coconut Oil, Bone Broth Protein, Flax seed, ACV
Top 3 Recipes – Supercharge Chocolate Pudding (YUMM!), Paleo Omega Bread, Supercharged energy salad

What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?
It varies from week to week. I’ll get at least 3 solid workouts in a week, but I’ll do them either at CrossFit Kennesaw, YouFit, or at home. Usually they last anywhere from 10 to 30 mins. I like to keep things different so I don’t get bored!

What do you do on a daily basis to keep your self inspired and positive?
Keeping a gratitude journal really helps me. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I’ll do is write at least 3 things in my journal that I am thankful for. If I can’t think of anything new, I’ll review what I’ve written on past days and just reflect on it. I highly recommend this habit!

What do you do to improve your spine and nervous system on a regular basis?
Dr. David or Dr. Shannon will adjust me at least once a week, and I’ll be sure to get my cervical traction, wobble, and vibe on on a regular basis as well. My patients know because they see me in the office doing my exercises!

How have you been able to minimize your exposure to toxins? Have you tried any cleanses?
Toxins are everywhere, and the scary part is many of them are undetectable to our senses. So as I said before, the first step is awareness. Knowing that traditional animal meats carry significantly more toxins has helped my family and I to make better choices for meat. Also, we have changed the kinds of hygiene products we use on a regular basis.

As far as cleanses go, I have done the Master Cleanse (aka Lemonade diet), The bone broth fast, and colonics. Since learning about the dangers of sugar, I no longer recommend the master cleanse. Instead, I find the bone broth fast to be far superior.

What are your favorite strategies to Detox?
The best detox is the one your body does on a regular basis while it’s not busy digesting food, so I recommend intermittent fasting. It takes the digestive stress off of the visceral organs so that it can heal and repair itself, and obviously drinking plenty of clean fluids will help the body do this much more efficiently.