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Are you struggling with a health problem and want the proper guidance to move in the right direction? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

My name is Dr David Jockers and I have been working in my clinic and online with some of the most advanced and challenging cases for over 8 years now. I have been featured on major websites, podcasts and online summits and am considered an expert in the areas of: 

  • AutoImmunity, Thyroid Problems and Chronic Inflammation
  •  Digestive Health and Healing Leaky Gut
  •  Preventing Cancer and Natural Cancer Support
  •  Improving Brain Function, Mood, Memory and Mindset
  •  Reducing Sugar Cravings and Improving Fat Burning
  •  How to Correctly Navigate The Ketogenic Diet

If you are looking for help in any one of these areas than I invite you to take a look at our various online health programs. All of these online programs come with 30-daily and in some cases 42 daily written and video support emails to help you navigate through all the aspects of the program. 

Additionally, purchasing any of the programs gives you a 10% lifetime discount code on our DrJockers.com product store. 

This is a program for people who want to dive deeper into the tenants of the ketogenic diet program and best strategies for applying the principals involved. The ketogenic diet is an advanced nutritional approach to help you strengthen your cells to have incredible energy, optimal weight and high level brain function. 

This uses a strict elimination diet with food reintroduction protocols and strategies to restore stomach acid, heal adrenal fatigue and support the thyroid and gallbladder. It is perfect as lifestyle support for anyone with chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia, etc.

This uses a 4 phase system to help reset, rebuild and reinnoculate the digestive system. Perfect for anyone with SIBO and serious gastrointestinal complaints such as:  

This utilizes a ketogenic diet, green juicing and detoxification strategies. I use this as a foundational program with all my clients who are interested in natural support for cancer and individuals concerned about a family history of cancer.  

This program uses a ketogenic diet along with neurobic exercises and advanced strategies to balance neurotransmitters. This is perfect for anyone looking for higher level brain performance as well as individuals who want to overcome age related mental decline, depression and anxiety.

This program uses an anti-inflammatory nutrition program and teaches people how to shop and eat a healthy diet. This is our beginner program to help people get started with a healthy diet and lifestyle program. One of the key features is helping people overcome sugar cravings and have more energy and lose weight (if you are overweight)

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