The Exodus Culture -

The Exodus Culture




Exodus Health Center is about helping every man, woman, & child reach their God-given health potential. There are certain themes, characteristics & traits that make this brand especially unique from any form of church, place of worship or health center.

This office was envisioned and designed to be a place of purity and love. It is a place of passion and a setting where people come to celebrate life and the blessings that God has richly bestowed upon us. This is a place of compassion for those who are struggling. It is a house of encouragement & support for anyone interested in living life at the highest possible level.  

As a staff we are health zealots who were placed in this position to teach, coach, educate, & encourage everyone who comes into our life and into this office about the 5 Principles of Foundational Living. We eat, sleep, & breathe optimal health and have a burden deep within our spirits to share these health truths with the world.




To Create the Optimal Environment to Grow and Mature in the Maximized Living 5 Essentials so That Everyone May Reach Their God-Given Potential we use the Following set of Values:



We Proudly Worship: We unashamedly play loud, Christ inspired worship music to create a powerful atmosphere of praise and glory to the One who Heals us.


We Provide a Safe, Godly Environment: We work to create an environment free of judgment or prejudice of any kind. We provide a safe family atmosphere that is free of secular &worldly influences that clash with God’s principles. We accept and love all who enter regardless of age, sex, race, religion or socio-economic class. We desire to show each individual the love of Christ through our actions, attitudes and way of life.   We evangelize through love and service & never through force or strong words.


We Act in Audacious Faith: In order to dominate a city with God’s message of Health we cannot think small. We set large goals, take bold steps of faith & watch God move. We will continue to create the capacity to see more individuals enter the office.


We are United Under One Vision: Exodus was designed by the vision God gave to Dr. Jockers to see this message of abundant health and hope delivered to as many people as possible. We will boldly defend & uphold this vision and passionately share it with everyone we encounter.


We are Known for What we Are For: We represent 100% God-Given life function. We speak that vision & life over our people. We do not focus on sickness, disease, & the disasters of the medical model or the economy. We do not focus on negative energy, needless whining or victim mentalities. We instead speak life, health & wealth into every individual who steps foot into the Exodus community. We believe “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


We Honor the Greatness in Everyone:  We freely give honor and love to those above us, beside us and under us whether they are in agreement with us or not. We see and call out the greatness that God has placed within them whether it is easily visible or not.


We Embrace New Members: We celebrate new members into our Maximized Living community. We encourage their walk and strive to make their experience as positive and uplifting as possible.  


We Never Give Up on You: No shame, guilt or condemnation about mistakes and setbacks. We will pour ourselves and our highest recommendations into you every step along the way. We will never give up on you…we will are always here to serve you!


We Are Servant Leaders: God has given us a unique understanding of His Health Principles. We lead our community through service, generosity and an educational outreach. We desire to serve the community churches, businesses, schools, & organizations with fresh knowledge and education every chance we get.


We Will Not Take This Calling for Granted: We give thanks for God’s vision, anointing and divine favor. We will give Him all the credit & glory for the promotions & positioning He provides for us to serve. We will use the health results and amazing healings to testify to His Power and love for His people.

We Strive to Embody the Foundation Lifestyle: We struggle with many of the same desires and temptations as most people. However, we position ourselves to be true health leaders by living as congruently to the 5 Principles as we possibly can. We learn and grow from our mistakes and choose to become better individuals and leaders through them.


We Are Here to Disciple: Although Exodus is the epicenter for health in Cobb County we cannot possibly change the community alone. We depend on each individual member to learn these God-given health principles and spread them to their circles of influence in order to save the people they love and the community they are a part of from the destructive consequences of a life outside of God’s health plan.