The Fasting Lifestyle Summit

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Fasting lifestyle summit, The Fasting Lifestyle Summit

Fasting lifestyle summit, The Fasting Lifestyle Summit

Fasting Lifestyle Summit

The Fasting lifestyle summit brings together the top minds in the world of natural health, fasting and time restricted feeding.  Learn the healthy facets of fasting — because it’s not just about skipping meals!

Join me to put together a plan that optimizes your digestive function, helps you maintain discipline and can improve heart, brain, blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar functions!

—>>Learn all you need to know about fasting when you attend this free, online event!

Should you seek better health by fasting? Although it’s a popular topic these days, the practice (and lifestyle) has been around for centuries. This free, online health event will help you learn that it isn’t just about skipping meals, but training your body to stick to an optimized rhythm — without the actual starvation!

When you register, you get instant access to my interview on how to apply intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet to optimize metabolic flexibility for maximal fat burning and energy optimization.

Fasting lifestyle summit, The Fasting Lifestyle Summit


The goal is to turn you into a fat-burning machine and, meanwhile, help in a whole group of other health areas and conditions.

Smartly incorporating a fasting lifestyle could help with:
Weight loss
Lower cholesterol
Reduced inflammation
Reduced insulin resistance
Lower blood pressure
Improved brain functions
Better heart health
Protection from cancer
Living longer
Improved sleep
And more!

However, an effective fast includes a set of rules that “work” for you, as well as discipline amid your social events and relationships to make healthy choices — especially in regard to any specific health condition you’re trying to resolve or improve.

Sam and Mitch Asser, your hosts, are here to help you learn the essentials of good nutrition: eating whole, non-processed foods, exercising regularly, staying on schedule and then… considering a fast as part of your routine.  Join me to learn more!

P.S. When you register for The Fasting Lifestyle Summit, you’ll also gain access to the Selected Action Guides which includes transcripts of the top fasting action steps from myself along with Dr Jason Fung and Emily Manoogian!

Fasting lifestyle summit, The Fasting Lifestyle Summit

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Fasting lifestyle summit, The Fasting Lifestyle Summit

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Fasting lifestyle summit, The Fasting Lifestyle Summit




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