Healthy Homemade Holiday Chocolate -

Healthy Homemade Holiday Chocolate


Healthy Homemade Holiday Chocolate

This is a recipe made by my friend Christina Vossler and you can check out her facebook page Abundant Life Essentials here

Healthy Homemade Holiday Chocolate

Here is a chocolate recipe using raw ingredients and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (which are safe for consumption) for a delicious and healthy burst of holiday flavor! This is the best-tasting homemade chocolate I have made yet. The holidays just got a little sweeter, and a little healthier!

Holiday Chocolate Ingredients

~ ½ cup Raw Cocoa Butter or Coconut Butter

~ ½ cup Coconut Oil

~ 1 cup Raw Cacao Powder

~ ¼ cup Raw Honey OR Pure Grade B Maple Syrup

~ 1 teaspoon vanilla

~ 1-2 drops Peppermint OR Orange 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil

Holiday Chocolate Directions:

Place a small saucepan on a burner on low heat. Add the Raw Cocoa Butter and the Coconut oil. Turn off the heat when it is about half melted. When completely melted, whisk in the Raw Honey (or Pure Maple Syrup…you can purchase smaller amounts for less in the bulk section of PCC), vanilla, cocao Powder, and the essential oil of your choice until dissolved and well incorporated.

Immediately pour into a chocolate dispensing funnel, and carefully fill the chocolate mold of your choice. I put my mold on a cookie sheet, which helps me transfer to the freezer without bumping or causing the chocolate to spill over in its liquid state. Transfer chocolate to the freezer until solid. Remove from molds and store in freezer or fridge until ready to serve!

I made two batches…one with 1-2 drops of Peppermint, and one with 1-2 drops of orange oil. Each recipe is not quite enough to fill an entire chocolate mold sheet.

This chocolate funnel (or something similar) really makes the process a whole lot easier and cleaner!

Dr Jockers Comments:

We all love chocolate and especially around the holidays!  Typical store bought chocolate goodies are loaded with hydrogenated trans-fats, processed sugars, artificial flavorings and preservatives.  You want to stay as far away from those as possible.

This recipe has tons of good healthy fats with coconut oil and cocoa/coconut butter.  These fats will help you burn fat and support healthy hormones and brain function.  We have anti-oxidants with the cacao powder and essential oils that protect your cells from stress.  This is fairly low sugar and uses natural sweeteners such as raw honey or pure grade B maple syrup.  A nutritional powerhouse that tastes amazing!  Your family will absolutely love this recipe!

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