Live Workshops

Exodus Health Center hosts live workshops on the most relevant health topics in the 21st Century. The interactive workshops provide information that is always radically fresh & cutting-edge, while providing true solutions to the health problems people are facing today. People come from all over the Atlanta area and surrounding states to attend these power-packed evenings. We would love to have you as a guest at our next workshop.

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Major Topics of Focus:

21st Century Weight Loss

, Live WorkshopsForget about calories and get to the real truth behind weight loss. Learn about 4 hormones that control your metabolism and ability to burn fat. Discover how to transition your body from a “sugar burner, sugar craver” to a “lean, mean, fat-burning machine.”[divider_flat]

Alkalize Your Body

, Live Workshops All disease thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment. Discover the major factors behind excess acidity in the body and how to boost your pH and oxygenate your cells effectively. You will learn, among other things, the most critical alkalizing foods to put into your diet and the acidic foods to avoid.[divider_flat]

Asthma & Allergies

, Live WorkshopsFind out how to address the top 2 disorders leading this auto-immune epidemic. Discover the most common food and environmental toxins and allergens that send your immune system spiraling. Balance and stabilize your immune system naturally and truly reverse asthma and allergies in your life once and for all.[divider_flat]

Beat the Diabetic Epidemic

, Live Workshops Discover how you can beat one of the fastest growing disease epidemics in our modern society. Balance your blood sugar, balance your insulin/leptin and take back control of your life and destiny. Discover how you can shed unwanted pounds in days and have more energy than ever before.[divider_flat]

Body By God Workshop Series

, Live Workshops Our physical body is the temple for the spirit God put within us. Learn how to worship God by honoring your temple through God-centered lifestyle choices. During this 3-6 week course has 2 tracks. The elite track is for anyone looking to dramatically improve their health quickly, while the advanced track is for anyone looking to make slow, steady, & progressive changes. This program provides you with a step-by-step guide to life transformation God’s way.[divider_flat]

Blood Pressure Control

, Live Workshops Discover the natural solutions to address blood pressure once and for all. Learn the mechanisms our body uses to set it’s blood pressure point and how it can be thrown off by several major environmental stressors. What nutrients and treatments are needed to minimize these stressors. Which herbs play the biggest role in stabilizing your blood pressure naturally.[divider_flat]

Cancer Prevention

, Live Workshops According to the American Cancer Society, 41% of our population will get this deadly disease during their lifetime. Find out the truth behind cancer screenings, mammograms, radiation, chemotherapy, and other forms of treatment. Learn how cancer develops in our body and the secrets to preventing and reversing this disorder before it is too late.[divider_flat]

Cancer Solutions

, Live WorkshopsLearn about all the natural solutions to prevent and reverse cancer naturally. We will discuss how to super-oxygenate, alkalize, hydrate, and nourish your body correctly to put an end to this deadly disease. Among other things, learn the top 10 best cancer fighting foods, herbs, & supplements.[divider_flat]

Children’s Nutrition

, Live WorkshopsChildren in the Western culture are sicker and more diseased than ever before. We have a modern day epidemic of obesity, diabetes, learning disorders, autism, asthma, & allergies. Research has indicated that up to 92% of this is related to lifestyle. Learn how to prepare healthy, nutritious foods children will love. Lifestyle tips and ideas to reverse disorders and improve brain, body, & immune function.[divider_flat]

Healthy Digestion

, Live WorkshopsExperts have estimated that over 87% of our American population suffers from digestive related ailments and disorders on a regular basis. Learn the critical essentials to optimize your digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function. Key tips to increase your energy, lose weight, and detoxify your body more effectively.[divider_flat]

Healthy Hormones

, Live WorkshopsDiscover how to naturally balance your estrogen/ progesterone/ testosterone levels through effective detoxification, nutrient intake, and nervous system function. Learn the best foods for balancing your major sex hormones and what foods are absolutely detrimental to this process.[divider_flat]

Healthy Recipe Night

, Live WorkshopsSee a live demonstration of incredible super-food based recipes being made right in front of you. Watch, learn, taste, and enjoy these amazing meals that you can make very quickly in your kitchen with a limited budget & minimal ingredients.[divider_flat]

Healthy Thyroid

, Live WorkshopsBoost your thyroid function naturally by balancing critical hormones and detoxifying your body of thyrotoxic particles. Discover the critical thyroid stimulating foods you need to add and the thyroid suppressing foods you need to avoid. Gain more energy, lose weight, and feel better than ever.[divider_flat]

Heart Disease Prevention

, Live WorkshopsAccording to the American Heart Association, 48% of our population will get heart disease during the course of their lives. Find out the real truth that nobody is telling you about saturated fats, cholesterol, and baby aspirin. Discover how to read blood tests & lipid panels to really understand your heart disease risks and what you need to prevent/reverse disease.[divider_flat]

Heart Disease Solutions

, Live WorkshopsLearn the top 10 best foods for heart health and the 5 essential supplements to reverse heart disease in your body. Discover how our body truly heals and the critical steps we need to take to avoid becoming a statistic and live the life of our dreams.[divider_flat]

Living Your Dream

, Live WorkshopsDiscover real strategies to create the mental leverage you need to conquer any goal. Utilize anchors, leverage, and discipline to break through the fears of the past and do what you have never done before. Drop your ego at the door, come ready to be inspired to accomplish the goals and dreams God has for your life.[divider_flat]

Maximize Your Brain

, Live WorkshopsLearn how to prevent brain degeneration, and how to improve your memory, mood, and mindset naturally. Learn the 5 absolute brain killers and the top 10 best brain-enhancing foods that will change your life dramatically.[divider_flat]

Never Get Sick Again

, Live WorkshopsDiscover how to boost your immune system to the point where you are nearly impenetrable by outside forces. Additionally, you will find an incredible protocol for how to recover quickly from any cold, fever, or flu naturally. Learn how to best supply the 5 critical immune system modulators on a daily basis.[divider_flat]

ReClaim Your Terrain

, Live WorkshopsLearn Dr. Jockers exact protocol for preventing/reversing cancer naturally. Includes a step-by step daily guide of action steps to take to give your body the best chance to heal itself. Begin applying these simple, but powerful steps today to prevent/reverse the disease in your body.[divider_flat]

Shopping Tours

, Live WorkshopsGo shopping with Dr. David and learn how to alkalize your body, lose weight, & enhance your energy levels with good nutrition. Enjoy store samples and other fun while you see what Dr. David eats and recommends for others. You will learn about the cellular healing diet, best cancer fighting foods, food-combining properly, and the value of superfood nutrition.[divider_flat]

Supplement Workshop

, Live WorkshopsLearn how to differentiate between synthetic and natural supplements. Break-down ingredient lists for many major supplements so you can understand what is really in the bottle. Discover the unique functions behind particular supplements what is essential and what is not.[divider_flat]

Surge Training

, Live WorkshopsWant to get in great shape in minutes a day? Learn the most cutting-edge form of fitness training to boost your fat burning/muscle building potential. Surprisingly, all ages and fitness levels can do this and see immediate results in energy & lean body tissue.[divider_flat]

Toxicity & Natural Cleansing

, Live WorkshopsLearn the toxic top 10 and how to minimize your use of these hazardous chemicals and particles. Discover how to naturally cleanse your system of unwanted wastes and dramatically improve your energy, organ function, and ability to effectively burn fat for fuel.[divider_flat]

Vaccine Workshop

, Live Workshops
The safety and effectiveness of vaccines are on of the hottest topics in the modern mainstream healthcare system. Learn all about the risks and benefits of vaccines in children and adults. This workshop is essential for anyone who has in limbo or unsure about their philosophy and belief in the use of vaccination.[divider_flat]

Water Workshop

, Live WorkshopsWater is the very medium of all life and energetic processes. 98% of the American society is chronically dehydrated. Many common symptoms, such as asthma, allergies, pain, low energy, etc. are related to dehydration. Learn what water is best to drink, how to naturally alkalize your water, flush your liver & colon, and saturate your cells effectively.[divider_flat]

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