Mary Alvarez

, Mary Alvarez

Customer Service Assistant

Mary went to school in Atlanta and graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial Design. Her passions in life are visual arts, handicrafts, and all things DIY. Over the years, her creative calling has led her to be a florist, an event planner, and most recently, a content creator for

Mary discovered her need to pursue a healthy lifestyle when a friend introduced her to Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. She attended various health-related workshops, where she learned the importance of chiropractic care, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Excited by all the newfound information, Mary began implementing changes in her life. She has experimented with different lifestyle changes including adopting a ketogenic diet, opting for natural household cleaners, and creating handmade soap from scratch!

Mary is grateful by what she learned at Exodus Health Center under the teachings of Dr Jockers and is excited to be a part of the team. She is looking forward to making a positive change in the  natural health community.

, Mary Alvarez

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