Michael Dugan, FDN-P

Writer/Researcher and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

, Michael Dugan, FDN-PMichael was born and raised in Marietta GA. He currently lives in Greenville SC focusing on a combination of health and human biomechanics to help people achieve longevity on the inside and out.

“My passions are based around living extensionally to others. I realize that my health, performance, and values will ultimately have an influence on the environment and people around me. The healthier we are, the better off we’ll be as a society. I am passionate about helping others become extensional by starting with their health. Harness your potential, turn it outwards to those who are seeking it, and in return build a better environment to live in!”

Michael came across the Truth About Cancer docu-series when he was in his early college years. Dr. Jockers was one of the original featured speakers based out of the area he grew up in. After seeing Dr. Jockers’ track record of success with tough health challenges, Michael wanted to be a part of the movement.

“I joined him for a semester internship where we spent 6 months diving into cancer research and therapies to create a series of articles on the subject. During this time, I also decoded a number of my own health issues including fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more. Following this time, I joined the Drjockers.com team as a researcher, writer, and health coach to help others save time and finally get out of their health struggles.”

Michael has been working for DrJockers.com for about 2 Years since August 2016.

In his current position Michael primarily works with tough health cases and highly motivated individuals looking to experience their full potential.  In addition to this, he is the primary writer, researcher, and content editor for the website. “I most enjoy working alongside those who are ready to take a deep dive into health, performance, and biohacking. Health is part science, part self-experimentation! Helping people find their optimal state is a fun process. We run labs to see what is going on in the body, then mold a lifestyle plan specific to the individual’s health goals.”

, Michael Dugan, FDN-P

, Michael Dugan, FDN-P