Michael Dugan, BS FDN-P  

Michael Dugan is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) with a deep passion for optimizing human health and functionality. He received his Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University (ECU) in Exercise Physiology while also competing as a college athlete. He enjoys leveraging healthy everyday lifestyle choices to improve his experience of life. He also strives to share his optimized lifestyle philosophy with those who wish to do the same.  

Long-standing Passion for Unlocking Potential  

Michael has a passion for helping others experience their own true vitality. After experiencing his own health challenges and years of low energy, brain fog, poor mental function, he has realized how much life was robbed in the process. It is now deeply embedded in his life mission to help bring others back to their true selves through dietary and lifestyle principals.  

We’ve Lost Our Roots  

As modern man, we have long lost touch with our native roots with the earth and our environment. We have chosen tasty processed foods over nourishing and healthy ones. We have chosen to largely isolate ourselves from the outdoors and from any contact with the earth at all. Finally, we are no longer moving or exercising on a regular basis. 

These are activities that all contribute to a healthy functioning body and as a consequence of neglecting these things, we are slowly losing our ability to live a life of vitality.  

Michael’s mission is to spread this message and help guide you back to a state of optimal health. Utilizing advanced lab interpretation, individualized health plans, and critically important lifestyle modifications, his goal is to give your life back to you.  

If you are tired of struggling from chronic health challenges and committed to living a life full of energy and vitality, Michael would love to work with you and guide you along the way.  

If you want to work with Michael and get a customized health plan to achieve your goals than we recommend our Customized Nutrition Plan Consultation.

Initial Consult: $249

Includes 30-minute review of history and metabolic questionnaire and any previous lab testing .

  • 50 Minute Skype or Phone Consultation
  • Customized Health Plan in Document Form
  • Membership to one of our online health programs ($97 value)
  •  25 Minute follow-up consultation
  •  10% discount on product purchases

Some of our clients just have some quick questions, they want to get addressed. If this is you, than you can jump on a call with Michael and he will do his best to answer your questions and help you accomplish your health goals. 

Here are the fees for Michael's conference calls. You can do these calls individually or as a group. Once on the call, the floor is yours to ask as many questions as you like in the time spot allotted.


$100 for 50 minute session 

$50 for 25 minute session 

Michael also does longer coaching plans to help ensure clients achieve their health goals. Email him for more information on these programs. 

Contact Michael With Your Nutrition Questions: michael@drjockers.com