About Danielle Dellaquila MS, CN 

Danielle holds an M.S. in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts as well as a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Rhode Island. She is recently trained as a Functional Medicine Practitioner from the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.  

Danielle’s experience includes counseling individual regarding their nutritional needs, running group nutrition programs & presenting various nutrition/health topics to towns, farms and corportaions. In addition to her position with DrJockers.com, she is also an adjunct Nutrition Instructor at local community colleges. Danielle lives in W. Massachusetts and Portland, Maine.  

Passion for Intestinal Health  

Danielle believes strongly in the whole person approach to wellness, including mind, body and spirit, with healthy food at center stage. She understands that overall health begins with the gut; that both dis-ease and health are dictated by the state of our individual microbiomes.  

Certain foods we eat, medications we take and the lifestyles we lead, contribute to the balance of our ”good” and “bad” bacteria in our intestines. Danielle encourages her clients to eat “real” food, live physically active, mindful lives in toxic-free environments to assist in developing and maintaining a healthy intestinal bacteria balance.  

Danielle equates nutrition counseling to detective work. Her greatest passion is helping individuals reclaim their health by digging deeply to find the “root” of their health issues.  

Her role at DrJockers.com involves working with patients through interpreting their lab work, making personalized recommendations based on the lab findings and providing individualized coaching to help clients restore their bodies back to optimal health.  

Personal Life 

Danielle has made eating nutritionally dense food and living physically actively lives, priorities for her family. Danielle is the mother to two strong, beautiful teenage girls, Gabbi & Jacqui and has a wonderfully supportive and loving life partner, Tim.  

She leads a healthy lifestyle by example and believes it’s important to practice what she preaches. Danielle has been able to naturally overcome both hormonal and intestinal issues in her own life, which has helped her develop knowledge and compassion when working with her clients.  

When Danielle is not helping others restore their health, she can be found cooking delicious organic meals made with locally grown ingredients, hiking trails both near and far, sunbathing and walking on the beach, skiing, biking and practicing yoga and mindfulness.  

If you want to work with Danielle and get a customized health plan to achieve your goals than we recommend our Customized Nutrition Plan Consultation.

Initial Consult: $249

Includes 30-minute review of history and metabolic questionnaire and any previous lab testing .

  • 50 Minute Skype or Phone Consultation
  • Customized Health Plan in Document Form
  • Membership to one of our online health programs ($97 value)
  •  25 Minute follow-up consultation
  •  10% discount on product purchases

Some of our clients just have some quick questions, they want to get addressed. If this is you, than you can jump on a call with Danielle and she will do her best to answer your questions and help you accomplish your health goals. 

Here are the fees for Danielle's conference calls. You can do these calls individually or as a group. Once on the call, the floor is yours to ask as many questions as you like in the time spot allotted.


$100 for 50 minute session 

$50 for 25 minute session 

Danielle also does longer coaching plans to help ensure clients achieve their health goals. Email her for more information on these programs. 

26 Appts = 13 Hrs | $1500 Weekly consults over a 6 month period

12 Appts = 6 Hrs | $720 12 consults to be used over a year's time

This past summer my 11 almost 12 year old daughter, Lacey, was diagnosed with hashimotos. She had been very tired and sluggish and had gained a lot of weight which she was very insecure about. After her diagnosis I felt very overwhelmed at where to start. I found Danielle and emailed to see if she could help guide me in building Lacey’s body up to be as healthy as she could be. We had a FaceTime session and immediately I knew we had found the right person! Danielle personalized a plan for Lacey and has guided us through all of it. In four months Lacey has transformed into this beautiful, lively 12 year old. I’m so thankful to Danielle for helping us! It felt so overwhelming at first but after receiving a plan from someone so knowledgeable as Danielle it was like a burden was lifted! She has walked us through every step and was always quick to answer my questions! I know God put her in our life at just the right time!  

-Jen Mayes Chattanooga TN 

I found Danielle after listening to a Podcast by Dr. David Jockers and starting the Gut Healing Program. I was trying to hone in on some of my health problems after numerous blood tests and ultra-sounds and after our initial conference, Danielle started me on the Sugar Detox / Paleo Template Program instead.  

For many years prior, I felt that I had discovered the correct diet/nutrition program and as a result of never really feeling good in various ways, I had turned to her. Danielle has been extremely supportive and has lead me in the right direction that I have needed. We have begun to resolve many issues through a Paleo Template Diet/Lifestyle and high quality supplements that work for my personal health condition. She has been quite responsive to my e-mails and has answered all my questions in a timely manner even though we are 1000’s of miles apart.  

I highly recommend Danielle and feel that she is a real partner in “peeling away the layers of the onion” for the necessary sleuthing that it takes to discover how to rebuild one’s health naturally.  

Chana Rachel Kean, Jerusalem, Israel  

Contact Danielle With Your Nutrition Questions: nutrition@drjockers.com