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Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Brain Fog with Maximized Living

ArethaI thank God for Dr Jockers and the other great doctors and staff at Exodus Health Center. When my friend first told me about your Health Center I was a little skeptical but I was in a position; whereas, I knew I needed help but I did not know what kind of help I needed or where to get it. You prayed over me in the name of Jesus in the first visit. I knew then, I was in the place I needed to  be.

Here is The Story of Where I Was and Where I am Now:

My mother had just passed a year prior to coming to your office and I was very much still grieving the pain of loss. Work had taken me to a stress level that I had never known. I was actually on medical leave when I came to your office because of the stress and anxiety. My family (sisters & brothers and me) was struggling to communicate with each other.

I could not think because I had such brain fog. I was on multiple medications in which I protested and finally gave in and started taking them. I was seeing a psychiatrist. I felt overwhelmed and helpless. As a believer in Christ, I knew this was not from God but I could not see a light at the end because my thinking was so warped.

This is Where I am Now and I Thank God:

Life is beautiful. I have a reason to smile everyday and it’s real.  The brain fog is gone. I am back to reading and studying, which is one of the things I like to do,  especially studying the Word of God. I completed a certification program in Instructional Design so I could start looking for another job. I completed the program December 2012. I got the job in April 2013. I must say, work is different now. I really like my job. I do not take any prescribed medications. My relations with my siblings are better. I will start graduate school next week which is a goal I have been trying to achieve for many years now. I forgot, I now longer see the psychiatrist either.

Thank you for being that light to world. I remember these statements from the first Exodus Health Center event I attended. You said, “We do not make excuses, we are not cry babies and we are not victims”. I wrote down these statements and placed them on my refrigerator to remind me whenever I was having a down moment.  Again, I thank God for you because I know now, I am not a cry baby, I am not a victim and I do not make excuses.

I pray God continues to give you wisdom to help heal a dying world.


The Power That Made the Body, Heals the Body!

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