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Rheumatoid Arthritis Healed

Marlene reversed chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis that she had been suffering with for over seven years.  The following are her words describing the healing breakthrough she has experienced with lifestyle changes… Read More

Leaky Gut Syndrome Healed

I decided to visit Dr. David in the Spring of 2012, mainly because I wanted to find answers from a doctor who was open to alternative treatments.  I had been… Read More

Core Strengthening Exercises

Core Strengthening Exercises.  Dr David Jockers teaches you how to stretch and exercise to build great potential for the health of your body’s core.  Get in the process of building… Read More

The SuperCharged Energy Diet

This nutritional program is a lifestyle based approach that focuses on the natural God-given principles of health and healing. Nutritionally, we want to alkalize & de-inflame the body to allow… Read More

SuperCharge Your Health Radio

Be sure to listen to Dr Jockers podcast and webinar series to learn the most progressive information in natural health. Dr. Jockers will discuss the following topics: Best Strategies to… Read More

Live Workshops

Exodus Health Center hosts live workshops on the most relevant health topics in the 21st Century. The interactive workshops provide information that is always radically fresh & cutting-edge, while providing… Read More