SuperCharged Green Ginger Lime Juice -

SuperCharged Green Ginger Lime Juice


SuperCharged Green Ginger Lime Juice

I like to make green juices that use lots of greens, citrus and ginger.  This is one version but I could make a bunch of different types by swapping out lemons for limes and spinach or kale for the chard.  I got the chard on this one because it is in-season (January) was on sale at Whole Foods and looked amazing.  These were all signs that it was ripe with nutrients!

Green Ginger Lime Juice Ingredients:

6 stalks of chard (full green heads) ripped up into smaller pieces to fit into juicer

2 limes diced into fourths

1 organic granny smith apple

2 inches of ginger root

Servings:  Makes about 8 oz of juice


Green Ginger Lime Juice Instructions:  

Get all ingredients together and cut them into pieces that will fit well into the blender.  I typically put the greens in and then apple/lime/ginger and then more greens and then more lime.  Let it juice-up!

Dr Jockers Comments:

I love to make green juices and do so quite regularly.  They are extremely rich in bioavailable nutrients that will have a powerful effect in your body.  The chlorophyll from the greens will cleanse your blood of impurities and provide the raw materials for new, healthy blood cells.  The vitamin C and potassium in the citrus protects your cells and kicks toxins out of the intracellular matrix.  The ginger helps improve the gut and the immune system.  Chard is the richest source of potassium among vegetables boasting an impressive 960 mg per cup.  This helps stabilize blood pressure and effectively detoxify the system.

It really doesn’t taste that good…but you will notice explosive energy and mental clarity when you drink something like this regularly.  If you need it to taste better you can add less ginger, less lime and more apple.  I also enjoy using the juice pulp as a salad mix that I can add avocado or some meat too and eat.  I love the mix of greens and lime and it tastes the best with avocado or a good guacamole.


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2 Responses to SuperCharged Green Ginger Lime Juice

  1. Victoria October 14, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    You BLEND this rather than juice it?

  2. Andi October 21, 2014 at 12:42 pm #

    I love your honesty in saying that it won’t taste good but there are great reasons to drink it anyway. So many people who advocate juicing give a recipe and say it tastes GREAT! Um… no it doesn’t!

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