The 3 Most Important Reasons to Eat Organic -

The 3 Most Important Reasons to Eat Organic


3 Most Important Reasons to Eat Organic

The organic food industry has exploded in the US from $1 billion annually in 1991 to over $100 billion annually in 2017.  This is a world changing and world saving movement.  I believe this to be one of the foremost moves of God in the 21st century and I am so happy to be an educational vessel God is using to push this great move forward.    In this article, you will discover the 3 most important reasons to eat organic.  

Most people choose to grow, purchase and eat organic foods due to a value system that goes far beyond nutritional content.  Here are the major reasons to eat organic.

Minimize Toxic Chemicals:

The most commonly used pesticides and herbicides that are used on modern agriculture are highly toxic to both our bodies and the planet.  These chemicals are called Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) (1).  They persist in our body and our challenging to expel from our system and other bodies of water in the world. 

Organochlorine is one of the most commonly used pesticides and one of the most toxic and carcinogenic substances in the world (2).  Humans are getting it in agriculture as well as in conventional animal products.  These toxins store in fat cells such as the brain and liver and are linked to neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and a multitude of different cancers (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Vital Info:  Animal products are the first thing to change in one’s diet.  The law of toxic bioaccumulation makes it clear that it takes 5-8 pounds of chemically sprayed grains to produce 1 lb of meat (9).  That 1 lb of meat is concentrated toxins. 

Expert Analysis:  Be sure to only purchase organic and grass-fed animal products.  Purchase fruits/vegetables with thin skin (berries, spinach, etc.) organically while thick skinned produce and produce with outer rines (avocado) or peels (lemon) are ok to get conventional.  This is one of the very important reasons to eat organic.

Avoid GMO’s:

Genetically Modified Foods are extremely dangerous for human consumption.  Research has shown that GM food consumption leads to damage to the pituitary gland, the gut lining and changes in reproductive hormones including (10, 11):

  1.      Excessive production of estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone.
  2.      Retrograde menstruation – leads to endometriosis and infertility.
  3.      Breast, uterine, ovarian, prostate and colon cancers among others
  4.      Chronic fatigue, chronic pain and GI problems
  5.      Lowered sperm counts and testicular cancer

GMO particles are also called micro-RNA’s.  New research is showing that miRNA from food is passing through our digestion, into our blood and ending up in organs.  This effects gene expression as the miRNA interferes with our genetic code (12). 

Many of the GMO foods contain miRNA particles that act to shut down critical genetic codes in insects in order to kill them.  Humans and insects have a lot in common genetically.  This reckless use of science without adequate testing is extremely dangerous.    This is one of the most important reasons to eat organic.

Sustainability of the Planet:

The massive use of chemicals is extremely toxic to our environment and is leading to contaminated waterways (13).  Additionally, these chemicals are destroying various animal species and poisoning families nearby the conventional agricultural regions (14).  This is unsustainable and ultimately will cause the extinction of many species including human beings if it is not better controlled.

GMO foods are a threat to the future food supply.  Seeds from GMO plants are unable to reproduce causing the farmers to depend upon the seeds from the BioTech companies.  Manipulating nature leading to infertile seeds could easily lead to massive food shortage if GMO seeds dominate the world as they are currently poised  to do. 

My responsibility as a child of God is to bring Heaven to Earth with everything I do.  One of my most important votes is with my dollar bill.  When I choose Organic – I am placing a vote for a sustainable, non-toxic, healthy way of life that is in harmony with God’s plan for the Earth. 


It’s being called “The Biggest Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind,” but chances are you haven’t heard about it.

That’s because companies like Monsanto are making billions of dollars on genetically modified foods and the toxic chemicals they are designed to be used with, and they’d rather you not know how this affects your health and the state of the environment.

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