Starter Plan: Normal: $799 | Dr Subscriber Fee: $699 

This appointment is with Dr Jockers and covers a full review of health history, lab work and any special medical testing. The initial consultation is a 50 minute phone consultation focused around your particular health problem with specific nutrition attention focused on proper diet for your health condition, lifestyle recommendations, detoxification strategies, etc.  

Dr Jockers will put together and email you a full report of your recommendations to follow. 

This also includes a follow-up 25 minute consultation to answer any questions, review lab work and trouble shoot any challenges. You also have unlimited email access to Dr Jockers.


15 Minute Consult | $199 

25 Minute Phone Consult | $249 

50 Minute Phone Consult | $449

This is great for someone that wants to work diligently and thoroughly on their health with Dr Jockers over a year long period. We will dive into many aspects of health and pour a lot of time into helping you achieve your health goals. 

This includes the starter plan along with a full review of any lab work done at any time, trouble shooting health challenges and ongoing support calls. 

Bi-weekly coaching calls, detailed review of your health status and progress through a full 6 month coaching plan equivalent to 10 hours of consult and review time.

Normal: $4999 | Subscriber Fee: $3999

This is for someone with good health that wants to use Dr Jockers as a support throughout the year to bounce ideas and read any lab work, etc. 6 Hours of Consultation & Review Time spread out throughout the year. This is typically a 30 minute session each month but can change if any issues come up. 

Normal: $2499 | Subscriber Fee: $1999

Contact Dr Jockers directly by email here to schedule your consult or with any questions or concerns you may have.