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I get asked all the time about different blood tests and lab work. This is my best attempt to categorize the panels that I use and recommend for each particular system of the body. You can easily order these tests through this website and they will be sent to your house. 

For some, you will need blood drawn at a local lab and for others (such as urine tests) you can fulfill the requirements at your house and send it in the mail as directed in the testing information. My team will get the results sent to us and will email those over to you. The typical turn around time for results is 2-5 weeks from when you send it in depending upon the specific lab test you are doing.  

In addition, if you are interested in doing health coaching, my team is available to design health plans to help guide you in your health journey. 

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Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS

For Customer Support About Lab Testing Procedures and Results, Call This Number: 847-222-9546

Genetics make up the baseline “code” by which your body functions. The impact of every single choice you make throughout your life is influenced by your personal genetic makeup. 


We test over 134 genes that can affect your metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, weight, hormones, cognition, and response to your diet and supplements. By understanding how your unique genetics impact these key processes, you can make smarter, more personalized decisions about your health. There may even be insights you never imagined (like whether that second cup of coffee is a good idea)!


Our genetic test is designed to provide clear insights and recommendations about areas of health that are most important to you.

Lab Testing Packages

The Foundational Five are five of the best lab tests to discover a full range of biomarkers for your physiological health.  

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