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As a clinician, some of the most common health problems I see are related to blood sugar balance, sex and stress hormone levels. When these problems exert themselves they can result in low sex drive, weight gain, mental lethargy, low energy, altered mood and muscle loss. These hormonal imbalances can also lead to prostate cancer and heart disease.

Many men just want to know what their testosterone levels are but that single test does not provide enough information to accurately understand the hormonal imbalance the individual is suffering with. Optimal hormonal health is dependent upon the balance of the major sex and stress hormones and not just the levels of a single hormone.

What Most Doctors Do Wrong

When most doctors order a hormone test they are looking at hormones at a static period of time. The challenge with this is that these hormones should naturally fluctuate in a rhythmic cycle over the course of a day. When we only test hormones at one period of time we are not going to get an accurate understanding of the individual’s unique rhythm and imbalances. This leads to inaccurate diagnosis and improper treatments.

The Male Circadian Hormone Profile

The Male Circadian Hormone Profile is an accurate, convenient, non-invasive salive test that evaluates testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and estrogen levels. This test is a simple collection of saliva (you spit in a container) 4 times during a 24 hour period as instructed. This gives a complete picture of the role played by the adrenal hormones and melatonin the production of symptoms and/or imbalances.

This Test Allows Us To:


Who Should Get This Test Done?

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Total Cost: $331.00

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If the test requires blood work you can take your kit to any local lab and have the trained professional take your blood and fill out the kit and send it in the mail.

Urine and blood prick tests can all be done in the comfort of your home and sent into the lab with the mailing slip in your kit. All instructions will be sent to you with the kit. It is a very simple process that most anyone can figure out. The lab also has a customer service phone # if any help is needed.