Alyse Martinez

Writer/Community Manager/Product Store Manager

Alyse grew up in Massachusetts where she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Licensure in Biology Secondary Education. Alyse completed Dr. Tenpenny’s course Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp in 2019. She taught high school sciences for three years before moving state to state with her now husband, Angel.

Alyse contracted for a pharmaceutical company and then moved on to work as a paralegal when she developed friendships and hobbies that gravitated her interests toward health and wellness. “I was consumed with researching naturopathy and questioning mainstream thought in a world full of controversy and chatter.”

She now lives in Acworth, GA. Upon relocating she was eager for a career path in natural health and wellness.

In January of 2015 she began working as a researcher and writer for Alyse assists with community engagement and manages inventory. She communicates with vendors, the fulfillment center and the sales team to maintain relationships with customers.

“I value a company that uses evidence-based information to empower others in making the best healthcare decisions. My current role allows me to collaborate with a genuine group of individuals to better the lives of people worldwide. At the same time I have the flexibility to be an engaging stay at home mom to my highly energetic and outgoing daughter, Mariah and son Alesso.”


, Alyse Martinez

, Alyse Martinez

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