Carey Spurgeon

Community Director

, Carey SpurgeonCarey Spurgeon grew up in Georgia and was raised in the country on horseback everyday before moving to the city which made for a great mix of adaptive, hard working and an adventure seeking personality. Her mother raised her with natural medicine, herbs and oils and Carey even managed her organic cafe and supplement store for a year in Montana before starting a big family back in Georgia.

“I am married with five daughters and a grandson and am always amazed at watching the
different personalities and talents emerge. I am passionate about learning ways to
communicate and fuel their individual talents while building humble hearts along the way.”

After some serious family illness in 2008, Carey was introduced to one of the largest integrative practice in Atlanta and offered a position. She excelled quickly from the start with her background in supplements, natural medicine and work experience in the field of quality assurance with the government. During her eight years that led to running this practice, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree even while having her last two children.

“My degree in Organizational Leadership was a tract of classes that I could not only commit to but also be passionate about as it fine tuned my field experience in regards to operations and customer service. This also led to a greater outlook on business objectives, brand fluency and operational efficiency.”

After resigning from the practice to help support her children starting four different school schedules, Carey was introduced to Dr. Jockers’ through the founder of the practice she had managed and assisted them both with a project. This led to a wonderful business relationship
and she was able to utilize her talents in customer service, branding and digital marketing that
had developed over the years.

“I have always met and exceeded company directives and goals using my skills in the areas of
Operations, Quality Assurance, HR, Leadership, Personal Development, Proactive
Management, Project Management, Customer Service, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing.
Every obstacle and new project I am handed is faced with confidence, researched and honed to
perfection. I thrive on continuing education in leadership and success models, working in
integrity and the success of the company I represent and the team I am working with. I am a
natural problem solver and quickly learn resources to turn to and utilize for optimum efficiency, safety, to meet and exceed company goals as well as employee and consumer expectations.”

As the Community Director, Carey will be assisting Dr. Jockers’ with branding and marketing,
content and consumer engagement. “Dr Jockers’ business model, work ethic and level of
integrity inspire me. I have always seen myself as an educational vessel for others and Dr
Jockers takes that education to a whole new level. I am excited to be a part of such a growing
and caring team and to be part of the Dr Jockers’ mission which is well on its way to inspire and
empower one million people to reach their potential in life and health by the year 2020

, Carey Spurgeon

, Carey Spurgeon