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Grounding Your Body for Optimal Health

Grounding Your Body for Optimal Health: Walking barefoot on the earth has been a staple part of human and animal life since the beginning of time.  In the past couple of generations, humans have made shoes, sandals and boots that insulate us from the natural energies of the Earth.  The electromagnetic energy from the Earth […]

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Prevent Cancer with Anthocyanins

The Unique Pigment That Prevents Cancer Free radical damage is one of the leading causes for accelerated aging and cancer cell formation. When cells are exposed to heavy amounts of free radicals without sufficient cell signaling processes they develop genetic mutations that replicate abnormally.  Anti-oxidants are nature’s defense against free-radicals.  Some of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant’s are […]

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The Healing Power of Green Foods

The Healing Power of Green Foods Go green, eat green, drink green, be green, and live green. This is the anthem of a new generation of conscientious people who desire to live healthy and in harmony with nature.  Living green means living closer to nature and the abundance it provides.  In this article, I go […]

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21 Strategies to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease in which the myelin sheath on the nerve endings gets inflamed and damaged.  This leads to scarring of the neurological tissue in the brain and spinal cord.  While the medical model has very little support, many individuals have found ways to beat multiple […]

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Sunlight and Vitamin D3 for Brain Health

Sunlight and Vitamin D3 for Brain Health Researchers believe that vitamin D3 acts to protect an aging brain and boost overall memory and cognitive function.  This is thought to be done by increasing levels of protective antioxidants, increasing key hormones and suppressing a hyperactive immune system that can inflame the neurological circuitry.  Sun charge your […]

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Healthy Sun Leads to Healthy Skin

Healthy Sun Leads to Healthy Skin For years we have been told to avoid the sun due to the “damaging” effects of UV radiation to maintain healthy skin.  The newest research has shown that the sun’s rays do much more good than harm. The sun’s ability to charge our bodies with vitamin D makes it extremely […]

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