Cody Senkyr, DC

Dr. Cody Senkyr is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic and NASM certified personal trainer.  Dr. Cody has been passionate about helping people reach their highest level of health for the past 15 years.  He has done this through his work as a Chiropractor, leading people through personal training, he was a co-host of the radio show “The Empty Harvest” and by helping people through functional medicine., Cody Senkyr, DC

Dr. Cody had a patient who had got sick after a very emotionally traumatic experience.  Georgia had been a three-sport athlete in high school, got a full ride scholarship to play basketball in college and loved being active doing CrossFit, yoga and Pilates.  But after her traumatic experience her health quickly declined.  She developed self-diagnosed food sensitivities, her cycles were very irregular, after never having a cavity, she got 7, horrible dandruff, and her scalp felt like it was “crawling”, shingles, and she had a constant feeling of having something in her throat.  The worst part was she barely had the energy to get out of bed, let alone do any physical activity.

During this time, she moved to California and over the next 2 years spent over $40,000 out of pocket going to “expert.”  They would do basic testing and she would feel better for about a month and then crash.  Dr. Cody had kept in touch with Georgia throughout all of this and he was so heartbroken by what she was going through, he decided he was going to figure out how to help her.  Reading, meeting with functional medicine doctors, and after an exhaustive of research he did a full work up of comprehensive testing with Georgia. and found out she had 6 intestinal infections, and 32 food allergies.  He kept researching ways to eliminate triggers of inflammation, from detox protocols, supplements, herbs, and customized nutrition.  Georgia was extremely diligent staying away from her allergies and doing everything necessary.  She told Dr. Cody she felt “guilty” during 2020 because it was the best she has felt in a long time and she knew others were struggling.

This had a huge impact on Dr. Cody because Georgia is his older sister.  And he knew she was a “tough” case, but because he helped Georgia make so much improvement that he could help others who have been struggling with health issues as well.

, Cody Senkyr, DC

Dr. Cody is always learning about how he can help more people.  He has helped people with so many different health issues.  Issues from Lupus, thyroid conditions, digestive disorders, diabetes, infertility, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, MS, and so many more.

Personal Life
When he is not helping patients, Dr. Cody loves being outside with his wife.  Going on hikes, finding new healthy places to eat.  He loves cooking, spending time with friends and family, watching movies and believes laughter is the best medicine.


, Cody Senkyr, DC

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