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Good health begins with the health of your gut. If your gut is damaged or you have an abundance of pathogenic microorganisms it is impossible to be healthy. The gut must be addressed daily in order for one to live a lifestyle that builds health.

When you damage the intestinal wall little “micro-lesions” form which can cause undigested food particles to pass into the bloodstream. This leads to inflammatory responses and causes nutritional malabsorption and deficiencies.




1) Comprehensive Stool Analysis: $398

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis detects the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as yeast, parasites and bacteria that contribute to chronic illness and neurological dysfunction. It provides powerful information about natural products that will be effective against specific strains detected in the sample.


Specimen Type: At Home Stool Analysis

2) Food Sensitivity Test: $263

As a clinician, I find that unknown leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities are at the root of many major health conditions. Most people will go through their entire life destroying their body by eating things that cause an inflammatory processthroughout their body.

Food intolerances can often lead to elevated levels of whole body inflammation that can cause fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, digestive disturbances, headaches and other unwanted symptoms. Many people go through their lives without ever understanding how food intolerances can lead to these health challenges. They never suspect that the food they are eating every day is silently killing them and their doctors never advise them to look at how they are responding to their diet.


Specimen Type: Blood Test – Will require a blood draw at a local lab
All laboratory needs are pre-paid upon ordering from

3) Comprehensive Organic Acid Test: 335

The Comprehensive organic acids test is my personal favorite test as it gives a plethora of information on what is going on in the body and is non-invasive on the individual.

The organic acid biomarkers are metabolic intermediates that are produced in pathways of central energy production, neurotransmitter breakdown, detoxification and intestinal microbial activity. When specific organic acids are found accumulating, they often signal a metabolic insufficiency. These insufficiencies could be related to toxicity, a nutritional deficiency or an inherited enzyme deficit.

This test is important because it allows us to see how you are metabolizing oxalates and for the presence of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).


Specimen Type:  At home urine sample
All laboratory needs are pre-paid upon ordering from


Complete Digestive Health Analysis Testing Package:

Reg Pricing as Individual Labs – $996.00

Your Price: $946.00




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