The Complete Thyroid Report

The Complete Thyroid Report:

One of the fastest rising health conditions in the US is hypothyroidism. The most common symptoms experienced are lethargy, depression and weight gain. Some of the newest reports are estimating that 15-30% of the population may have thyroid problems.  The Complete Thyroid Report is designed to help uncover undiagnosed or misdiagnosed thyroid problems.

Thyroid problems are the most misdiagnosed conditions in our society. Many people suffer from them but their doctors do not know the proper way to test and treat these conditions.

Most doctors only look at a simple TSH, T4 & T3 levels and make a diagnosis or not based on these simple numbers. This lack of understanding results in a 80% misdiagnosis of the true pattern of hypothyroidism.


The Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make Every Day:

When it comes to thyroid issues, most doctors never check for 3 big things!



Most doctors never look at these 3 big things but they are HUGE when it comes to accurately diagnosing thyroid problems.

Thyroid Anti-Bodies: When the body has anti-bodies to different regions of the thyroid or thyroid stimulating hormone it is an auto-immune case. An auto-immune case has a different underlying cause than a traditional hypothyroidism.

Reverse T3: When the body is under chronic stress it creates a cycle of elevated cortisol. High cortisol increases reverse T3 which mimics free T3 in the body but does not perform the same function. This is a stress induced hypothyroidism.

Free T3 and T4:  The only portion that can make it into the cells of the body to be used is the free fraction of thyroid hormone.  Looking at total T4 and T3 alone does not give us the right picture of what is happening with the thyroid function at the cellular level.  Only the free portion does.  You should always have your free T4 and free T3 levels checked when assessing the thyroid.

Vitamin D (25-OH) Levels: Low vitamin D3 is a common finding in individuals with thyroid disorders. We need to know the levels to set up an appropriate supplementation plan.

CBC & Chem Test: Anemia can be a common finding with thyroid disorders and it can effect the individual’s ability to get well. Elevated liver enzymes are also an important part of this test. The majority of T4-T3 conversion takes place in the liver. When the liver is functioning poorly, it leads to altered T4-T3 conversion and metabolic problems. Finding this on the front-end helps steer the practitioner to the appropriate lifestyle plan to help you get well.

Homocysteine: Thyroid disorders are often complicated by poor methylation processes and elevated homocysteine.

CRP-hs: Measuring C Reactive Protein tells us what the inflammatory status of the body is. Increased inflammation reduces the T4-T3 conversion and is often the culprit behind the individual’s thyroid troubles.

Magnesium: Lowered magnesium levels will effect thyroid function. This is a common deficiency and measuring levels helps with an accurate diagnosis and treatment of the thyroid condition.

*If your problems are related to any of these 3 findings than taking a standard thyroid hormone such as Synthroid or Armour Thyroid will not help and will not address the underlying causative factors. In many cases, you will actually be promoting more problems with your thyroid and other hormonal systems *

This is Why I only recommend the Complete Thyroid Report for an Initial Thyroid Evaluation!

Why I Recommend The Complete Thyroid Report:

This test will allow us to understand which pattern of hypo or hyperthyroidism you may be suffering with and that allows us to understand how to treat and help the body recover properly.

This test will save you time, money, energy, stress, frustration and needless suffering!



Total Cost: $299.00

If you live in New York or New Jersey, some lab testing may not be able to be completed.  Please contact our team at (847) 222-9546 to verify that this request can be fulfilled.

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Fortunately, because of the many thousands of newsletter readers and social media followers, my team has been able to network with a great lab distributor and get the best possible pricing for everyone.

The retail value (using market value and insurance based rates) is highly inflated and driving up the cost of health care. This is the old, archaic method that many people are still using and paying way more for insurance and co-pays than they really should be.

Many intelligent people are saving insurance premium dollars and turning to pay by order labs such as DirectLabs and others. These skip the middle man (doctors’ visits) and cut down costs for the patient.



If the test requires blood work you can take your kit to any local lab and have the trained professional take your blood and fill out the kit and send it in the mail.

Urine and blood prick tests can all be done in the comfort of your home and sent into the lab with the mailing slip in your kit. All instructions will be sent to you with the kit. It is a very simple process that most anyone can figure out. The lab also has a customer service phone # if any help is needed.

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