Dr. Audrey Bedford

Dr. Adriana Bedford (Dr. Audrey) is a west Georgia native, a dedicated chiropractor who came to know the profession due to what should have been a life-taking car accident. Dr. Audrey experienced severe muscle spasms, all over pain and migraine headaches on daily occurrence for which prescription medicines provided no relief, thus she turned to chiropractic.

Following just a few adjustments all of the pain, spasms and migraines began to subside and she experienced the true healing power of the body and has since never looked back!

In 2012, two months after the accident, Dr. Audrey was accepted to and attended the largest chiropractic school in the world, Life University in Marietta, GA. During her time in school, she was educated in the latest and most up to date techniques in the chiropractic profession.

While working with many diverse groups and specializing in children and pregnancy, she was able to learn and master many different techniques in order to take care of anyone that seeks chiropractic care. She has done advanced studies and is certified in Thompson technique, Activator Methods and Webster technique.

Dr. Audrey lives a God-first and then family centered life and is an advocate for thriving in spiritual, physical and mental health. She finds purpose in helping people live out their God-given potential beginning with their Health.

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