Grace Simpson

Social Media Intern

Grace was born, raised and currently lives in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She is in her senior year at Elon University in North Carolina, where she plays division 1 lacrosse.

“My sister and I have been playing sports at a competitive level since our youth, which plays a huge role in our passion for wellness. We were always eager to learn new ways to take care of our bodies, in hopes of performing to our best ability. My family has altogether shared an interest in nutrition and wellness.”

Grace was introduced to Dr. Jockers and the team by nutritionist, Danielle Dellaquila, whom lives in a neighboring town! “Danielle really kick-started my love for nutrition and taught me so much in my last two years of high school. I carried much of this knowledge to college and continued to pursue my love for wellness.”

Danielle contacted Grace about Dr. Jockers’ proposition for an internship during the summer. She began her internship at the end of May 2018, creating content for the Dr. Jockers social media accounts. Grace is responsible for posting and creating content for Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

“I most enjoy reading the comments and reactions that followers of Dr. Jockers share in response to content. It is always very complimentary and appreciative of him and his practice, what he’s taught his followers, and how inspiring his faith is!”