"Dr. David Jockers new book "The SuperCharged Recipe Book," is a powerful tool to build a strong and healthy foundation within your body. This book will teach you how to get the most out of your diet as you enjoy a new way of eating and living."

Jordan Rubin, NMD, PhD
New York Times Bestselling Author
Maker's Diet
Founder, Garden of Life and Beyond Organic


If you want to increase your energy, burn fat, and improve your brain function then the SuperCharged Recipe Book is for you. Dr. Jockers covers a range of topics and awesome superfood based recipes that have been proven through science and patient success stories.
Dr. Jockers is an incredible writer and gives you an in-depth nutritional wisdom but yet keeps it simple enough that anyone can understand the advice and apply it to their life. If you want a recipe book that is revolutionary and yet backed by ancient wisdom, then you are going to love the "SuperCharged Recipe Book!"

Dr Josh Axe, Author, Real Food Diet Cookbook
Developer of Burstfit, Burstfit Fire and the Secret Detox

SuperCharged Healthy Recipes

180 RecipesTo Help You Burn Fat,
Increase Energy and Reverse Aging!

  • Have you ever struggled with low energy, weight gain and major food cravings?
  • Do you have a family history of heart disease, cancer, mental illness or diabetes?
  • Would you love to eat food that taste amazing, doesn’t take long to prepare and helps you burn fat, improve your energy and slow the aging process?

The SuperCharged Recipe Book will Show You How To:

  • Find a Nutrition Plan Based that Turns on Your Good Genes
  • Turn Your Body into a Lean, Mean, Fat Burning Machine
  • Find Simple and Tasty Recipes that Your Whole Family Will Love
  • Turn Your Traditional Favorite Recipes into Healthier Alternatives You Can Enjoy
  • Grocery Shop Most Effectively and Eat Healthy when You are on the Road
  • Improve Your Energy and Reverse the Disease Process thru Superfood Nutrition
  • 180 Super Healthy Recipes that Look and Taste Amazing!!!

Note From Dr Jockers

Most people are destroying their body every day. Even people who are health enthusiasts are doing things every single day that they think are good, but are actually are HIGHLY DESTRUCTIVE to their health potential.

You may go through your life without ever knowing how to decrease inflam matory conditions within your body and never fully discover your full God-given health potential.

The solution is to make lifestyle changes that are in alignment with our body’s natural genetic code. We were made to enjoy and assimilate nutrients from real foods. Foods that have been consumed for thousands of years by people all over the world are naturally bioavailable and easily assimilated by our bodies.

This ancestral approach to food consumption is rich in nutrients and low in environmental toxins. It works in harmony with the body and frees up vital energy for all of our basic functions. The food provides for our various cravings due to the good fats that are smooth and creamy, the hearty proteins and the flavorful herbs.

This is Paul’s Story

This is my complete nutrition guide with the most advanced nutritional strategies and recipes that have enabled me to see world-class results in my clients with various health challenges.

Now – you have the opportunity to SuperCharge Your Health!

“The "SuperCharged Recipe Book" is a blueprint for a lifetime of eating success. It is chock full of recipes that can help you to revolutionize your health, increase your resistance to disease, and provide your brain and body with critical nutrients that are necessary for optimal wellness. Dr. Jockers’ speaks from years of experience as he provides you with this road map to guide you in your day to day culinary endeavors.”

Ty Bollinger
Best-selling author & Health Researcher
“Cancer: Step Outside the Box”
The Cancer Truth Series

“Do you want a wake-up diet for the 21st century? Dr. David Jockers' SuperCharged Recipe Book delivers all you need to regain nutritional sanity in a sea of dietary confusion. Not sure what to eat? No matter what your health goals are, Dr. Jockers will get you there one healthy recipe at a time!”

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.
The Robert Scott Bell Show

“Dr. Jockers has driven straight to the point in his book, “Supercharge Your Brain,” and now he has followed it up with recipes that will make it easy to enjoy finding a new level of health. These recipes belong in everyone’s regular rotation, from families focusing on building wellness from the early years to elite athletes shooting for the most ambitious goals.”

Dr. Eric Richards
Founder The Garage Games, Author “The Straight 60”

"If you are looking to create all day energy and turn your body into a fat burning machine, then you should consume the recipes in this book! Dr. Jockers is one of America's top functional nutrition expert, and these meals will not let you down!"

– Dr. Isaac Jones, Founder of Designer Health Centers