Jayne Goss

, Jayne GossMy name is Jayne Goss. I consider myself a Georgia native (I have lived in Georgia since I was 7). I’ve been married to Julian for 26 years and we have 4 teens/young adults – Mackenzie, Mae, Jon and Anna.

I found Exodus when my daughter Mae began working there, but I knew about Dr. Jockers because he had done nutrition workshops at my church. My journey to health began when I was diagnosed with chronic migraine headaches. I was having 28 days of migraine a month. After exhausting all my resources in the medical community, with no results,  I turned to a more functional/holistic approach.

I am happy to say my headaches no longer run my life and I am a happier, healthier person. But my journey continues! I was thrilled when the opportunity arose for me to work at Exodus. Now I am able to help others in their health journey as well as learn more about my own. Exodus is a chiropractic office that makes you feel like you are home and I am proud to be a part of what we do there.

, Jayne Goss