Winning My Race

What is the Winning My Race Program?

This faith based program is offered through the Billion Soul Initiative to bring whole health to church congregations across the country.  It is designed in such a way to provide the daily inspiration, information and resources for anyone to follow a workable plan to improve their health: mind, body and spirit.

, Winning My Race

The book and supporting materials are created to help Christians develop the gifts and talents God has given them, to reach and fulfill the purpose placed in their hearts by God, and to truly win the race they have been chosen to run from the beginning of time. Program includes, book, training manual, videos, and website to fully help the doctor and the church, implement the wellness program.

Just like the Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover,” this program is built and been done in thousands of churches around the world. It runs itself without any additional work needed by church and staff.

Here is the official Winning My Race website

For more information on the Winning My Race program contact Dr. Jockers.