Metabolic Type Quiz

Metabolic Type Quiz

1. Do you have an appetite for breakfast?
a. Usually
b. No

2. Does a muffin or plain toast give you enough energy to last until lunch?
a. Never/Sometimes
b. Usually

3. Do you feel energetic after a high-fat breakfast like bacon and eggs?
a. Yes
b. No

4. Does one cup of coffee make you feel jittery and irritable?
a. Yes
b. Not Usually

5. Do you crave more bread or pasta 2 hours after having had some?
a. Yes
b. Not usually

6. Which desserts do you prefer?
a. Cheesecake, creamy pastries, ice cream, chocolate mousse
b. Fruit pies, cakes, biscuits.
c. Don’t like dessert

7. In which group is your FAVORITE comfort food?
a. Salty chips, cheese, peanuts, bread, ice cream, cheesecake
b. Soft drinks, popcorn, fruit
c. None of the above

8. Does heavy food (meat or cheese) before bed disturb your sleep?
a. No
b. Yes

9. Do sweets before bed disturb your sleep?
a. No
b. Yes

10. Do you ever need to get up to eat at night?
a. Yes
b. Never

11. Which foods cause you to gain weight?
a. Bread and pasta
b. Meat and fatty food
c. Don’t know

12. Do you often get real stomach hunger pangs?
a. yes
b. No

13. Do you find red meat hard to digest?
a. No
b. Yes or sometimes

14. How much do you like sour foods (vinegar, lemon juice)?
a. A lot
b. Average or not at all

15. How much do you like mustard?
a. Average or not at all
b. A lot

16. How much do you like salt?
a. A lot
b. Average or not at all

17. How much do you like potatoes?
a. A lot
b. Average

18. Do you have a tendency to be:
a. Too warm
b. Too chilly
c. Neither/Both

19. Even when you’re not sick, do you get a dry cough or sneezing at night or after eating?
a. Often
b. No

20. Does your skin crack on your fingertips or heels?
a. Yes
b. No

21. Do you have a problem with dandruff?
a. yes
b. No

22. Are your ears?
a. Redder in color than your face
b. Lighter in color than your face
c. The same color

23. Do you have?
a. Watery eyes
b. Dry eyes and nose
c. Neither

24. Do you have?
a. Too much saliva?
b. A dry mouth?
c. Neither

25. Do you have chronically itchy skin?
a. Yes
b. No

26. Do you react badly to insect bites?
a. Yes, welts and swelling
b. Mild reactions only

27. Do you frequently and easily get Goosebumps?
a. No
b. Yes

28. Are your pupils?
a. Smaller than the iris
b. Larger than the iris
c. Average. The same size

29. Are you?
a. Blood Type O or B
b. Blood Type A or AB

30. Do you have apple-shaped weight gain? (Women only.)
a. Yes
b. No

Self Assessment:

• Tally the number of a’s:

More than 20 a’s: You are definitely a fast oxidizer of carbohydrates.

You will do better on a diet restricted in carbohydrates, and rich in purine

rich proteins and fats such as red meat, organ meats, dark meat turkey/chicken, sardines, etc.

15-20 a’s: You are mostly a fast oxidizer. Follow low carbohydrate guidelines, but you may be able to be slightly less strict.

Less than 15 a’s: You are a slow or medium oxidizer of carbohydrates.

You can handle some carbohydrates but you will still feel better with less grains & sugars.  Best sources of carbs (unless you are doing the advanced plan) include sprouted grains, sweet potatoes, & brown rice.  You should avoid red meat & organ meats.  You will do well with lighter proteins like eggs, white meat chicken and turkey.  You will need lots of green vegetables included in your diet.

Best Veggies for Fast Oxidizer:

Fast oxidizers need less vegetables than most but the best veggies they will metabolize are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cucumbers, & green peppers.

Any of these metabolic types can be used in addition to the

Maximized Living Core Plan or Advanced Healing Diet Plan