Tarah Black Biography

Tarah Black

, Tarah Black BiographyMy name is Tarah Black.  My family and I moved to the Atlanta area in 2011 from Idaho because God told us too.  We sold everything back home and moved out here without a human plan, just being in God’s will.  This was the scariest thing I have ever done, but the most peaceful.  Seeing God’s miracles in our lives made us realize that God had bigger plans for our lives then what we had originally thought.

I am a proud mother of three kids, Drayton (13) Alexis (11) and Luke (4).  Phil and I have been married for 14 years.   Drayton has an athletic gifting and loves baseball.  He is on a great travel baseball team that has given us opportunity to see parts of Georgia that we probably wouldn’t have.

Alexis has the joy of God that pours out of her.  She is so sweet and an amazing swimmer.  This is a new sport for us, so we are learning right along with her.  Luke is a four-year-old boy that loves cars, trains, and his brother and sister.   We have also added a sweet dog name Wendi and an independent cat name Charlie.  The kids are already asking for more animals.

How Chiropractic Has Helped My Family

Chiropractic helped heal my body so I was able to have my children.  5 different OB/GYN doctors told me since the age of 18, that I would never give birth to children.  I received regular chiropractic adjustments and I noticed that my body was healing and becoming more regular, which was something completely new to me.

I have stayed under regular chiropractic care ever since.  All of my kids have been checked within days of birth for subluxations and have continued under care.  It is so important to me that my family is healing and functioning at 100%.  God has an amazing calling on each of their lives and I want them to be their absolute best to carry out their calling.

, Tarah Black Biography

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Learning proper nutrition changed our lives in such a way that there is not enough words to express.  Instead of being on a path of disease, we are on the path to being able to live out God’s calling on our lives.  I am passionate about helping and serving others in their health journey.

I love to celebrate in their victories and also encourage in their struggle.   I love to try new recipes and take old recipes and update them to a healthier version.  I love food, but I want to make it healthy for my family and myself.  Cooking is a great stress reliever for me and being able to share food with others feels my heart.

What Exodus Health Center Means to Me

Exodus Health center allows me to love on our patients and be part of a supportive community, just like a large family.  I get to witness and celebrate with each patient as their live is being transformed and heal.  I love to hear their testimonies.  Each one of our patients is so inspiring.  We have the privilege to give God all of the glory for the healing that occurs in our office.  It is a very rare place, like a hidden gem.

I have worked in chiropractic offices for the past 16 plus years and counting.  I can’t see myself doing anything else.  I have completed the Georgia Council of Chiropractic x-ray safety, procedures and positioning certification course.

, Tarah Black Biography


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