Workout Plan

Strength Training:


1.  The De-Trained: If you have not been training for some time, do 1 round through these exercises as intensely as your body will allow.

2.  The Trained: If you are in good shape to begin with, do 2 rounds through these exercises in an intense manner.  Do not do 3 rounds: we do not want to “over-train,” which releases high amounts of cortisol.

3.  Make it Challenging: Do not sell yourself short, give it everything you have.  When we train intensely for a short period of time, we release abundant amounts of testosterone and growth hormone, which function together to build muscle & bone, burn fat, and build immunity.  Our goal is to challenge ourselves to exhaustion with each exercise…this will give us the high intensity impact we need to create a powerful fat-burning muscle building effect for the rest of the day.

4.  Modifications as needed: You can also do a 20:20:20 (20 sec hard, 20 sec rest, 20 sec hard)

5.  Do Not Rest Between sets, once one exercise is finished, go right to the next…this keeps the heart rate up and creates a state of “oxygen debt,” which will raise your metabolism over the next 24 hours.

6.  Individual Injuries: If you have physical limitations that are aggravated by any of these exercises, do your best to modify these and see me after the program next week for modification ideas.

7.  Warm-Up & Cool Down: Begin with 5 minute walk/jog at a steady pace (something you could do all day).  Cool down with the same pace for about 3-4 minutes.   Total Time:  15-20 minutes

, Workout Plan

1. SQUATS: Can use dumbbells or do an explosive jump at the top to add intensity. Remember to squeeze your glutes (butt) muscle at the top of the squat. Keep your core tight throughout the entire motion.
a. Incredible full-body exercise
b. Produces a powerful secretion of fat-burning testosterone when done in an intensive matter.

, Workout Plan

2 StabilityBall Bridges: Explosive pelvic thrust at the top to recruit more of
the gluteals. You should not feel it in your low back,
you should primarily feel it in your glutes & hamstrings.
Keep core tight throughout the entire motion. Can add resistance by: a. Putting weight on stomach .
b. Doing 1 leg at a time (alternating)

, Workout Plan

3. Push-Ups: a. 1 minute as many as you can do.
b. Take a break if you need, then go back.
c. Must be challenging for you.
d. Off the wall or the ground depending onYour fitness level.
e. Closer knees are to the center of the body = easier further = harder
f. You can do incline/decline/handstand Push-ups for more variety as well.

*Can also do this exercise off of a stability ball. Squeeze the muscles in between your shoulder blades.

, Workout Plan

4. Bent – Over Rows & Reverse Fly’s a. 1 minute as many as you can
b. Alternate Rows & Fly’s
c. Use cans, dumbbells, or no weight at all.

, Workout Plan

5. Plank Exercise: a. Hold for 60 seconds
b. Tighten the abdominal region
c. To Increase Intensity
a. Lift an arm, a leg, or both
b. Alternate lifting arms & legs
c. Incredible for core stability and a tight, fit, mid-section.

, Workout Plan

6. Side-Plank Exercise a. Tighten the abdominal region
b. Pick the modification that is Best for you.
c. Incredible for core stability and a tight, fit mid-section.

, Workout Plan

Bonus Exercise 7. Mountain Climbers:

a. Begin in plank position
b. Lift one knee up and drag it across your body
c. Continue to alternate legs holding the plank position.
d. Do not do this exercise if you have chronic lower back problems




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