Chené Sonnekus

Social Media Manager

, Chené SonnekusChené was born and raised in the beautiful country of South Africa! She lives in a small town called Mossel Bay, a little surfers paradise some would call it. It consists of the ocean, breathtaking mountains surrounding it and seeing dolphins almost every day!

From a young age her mother, Christine taught her some basics of how to take a picture and since then she fell in love with taking pictures. She used simple objects to create a picture that tells a story and soon after she was hooked on photography! Her weekends would exist of working with professional photographers and learning more skills to build up her knowledge and technique of photography! She loved it – and still does!


Soon after her passion for health and nutrition started. After the tragic events of losing all four of her grandparents to various types of cancer, her family realized that what you put in your body DOES have an affect on how you live and how your body will react on it. Her mother made a change that would forever change the way that they lived. Everyday Chené would take a kale smoothie to school and eat her seaweed wraps. Some people would look in disgust and others started asking questions revolving around health.


Her mother created their own little organic garden and they would eat from their own garden instead of buying GMO foods from the local stores. Chené started to do her own research about health and soon found out that this is one of her passions!


As a gap year Chené decided to be an Au Pair (nanny) for the Jockers family who lives in Atlanta in America! She was very scared about leaving her small little town and moving to a big city and living there for an entire year, but little did she know what Atlanta had in store for her…


Not only was the Jockers family the perfect fit for her, but she found out that she has two older siblings, David and Angel (not really, but they have that type of relationship)! Chené learned a lot from David in 2018 and would consider Angel as one of her best friends! She thrived in Atlanta and truly enjoyed every moment! Chené would make a recipe of her own and take pictures for the Dr. Jockers website and Instagram! She loved coming up with new recipe ideas and then incorporating her photography skills to create content.


This year Chené will be an intern for the Dr. Jockers social media accounts. She will also be responsible for making new recipes and creating YouTube videos on how to make each recipe!


She loves creating content and also loves working with people and meeting their needs! She is also very open to learning more on what David teaches and is excited to see what this year has to offer!

, Chené Sonnekus

, Chené Sonnekus

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