Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

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5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Are you ready for your cell phone’s performance to be taken to a whole new level? We are talking light speed connectivity. Videos, movies, and music that currently take you several minutes to download will soon only take a few seconds. This sounds exciting but are 5G phones safe?

Welcome to the world of 5G the next exciting generation of cellular technology! Reports are that data speeds will be up to 100 times faster than is currently available with 4G and that 5G will be able to support a minimum of 100 billion devices in the new spectrum. Once 5G is deployed we’ll be able to move confidently into the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is primed to give us cars that drive themselves, refrigerators that can automatically restock your groceries when you’re getting low, washing machines that can order their own laundry soap, not to mention ultra-fast movie downloads and video streaming from anywhere you go, when you are on the go.

As a society we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our technology. While we often make many things in our lives much more simple and efficient, we also tend to underperform safety studies before they are approved for mass use.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

The Technology Behind 5G

When you think 5G, think millimeter wave (MMW). Let me explain. 5G will operate in some extremely low and mid-range frequencies, but where 5G will differ from previous generations of cellular technologies is it will also operate in the high millimeter wave (MMW) spectrum – which falls between 30GHz and 300GHz.

These MMWs are short-ranged waves and will not emanate as far as the frequencies previously used. To accommodate this, there will be many, many more, smaller-sized cell towers in populated areas.

Yes, this could mean smaller antennas, but literally everywhere. This is a game-changer for our health as it’s very possible that soon we’ll always be near a cell tower, exposed to extremely high frequencies of radiation.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

More Pulsed Microwave Radiation

Let’s call a spade a spade. MMWs are pulsed microwave radiation. That’s to say they are a form of radio frequency electromagnetic field. We know from thousands of existing studies that pulsed radio frequencies can have a detrimental effect on human and animal health (1).

Yes, cancer. But not just cancer. Numerous peer-reviewed studies now link these pulsed microwave frequencies to a long list of very serious illnesses as I am about to cover.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Are There Safety Standards For 5G?

Aren’t there safety standards protecting us from these dangers?  Yes there are. In the US these standards are determined by a government agency called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

But, the FCC’s guidelines only take into account health effects from physical thermal heating, that’s to say where there is a secondary heating effect. The research, however, into electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generally and MMWs specifically (the frequency that 5G will be using), are showing health effects even when there is no heating effect.

Health Studies On 5G

While there is a long list of research on the effects of EMFs, there is only a small amount that can be linked to the types of frequencies seen with 5G radiation. So far, there have been studies highlighting concerns with skin and eye health, as well as implications for bacterial resistance.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Skin Effects

A study conducted by NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering in 2015 found that with 60GHz MMWs, 90% of the transmitted power is absorbed into the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin (2). To put this into perspective, these are the layers that are damaged when someone gets a sunburn. The difference is, MMW’s can penetrate protective barriers such as clothing and sunscreen, so protection is limited.

That’s a lot of radiation for the skin to take in. According to Dr. Ben-Ishai of the Hebrew University the skin also becomes more conductive in the presence of these wavelengths as the sweat ducts begin to act like helical antennas. Essentially channeling these unwanted energy frequencies directly through the skin.

Eye Effects

A 2009 study from Japan’s Kanazawa Medical University found that the thermal effects induced by MMWs can “penetrate below the surface of the eye.”  It concluded that 60GHz MMW antennas can cause thermal injuries of varying levels (3).

Effects On Bacterial Resistance

In 2016, the Yerevan State University of Armenia carried out a study on different bacteria such as E-coli by blasting them with low intensity MMWs; just like what will happen when 5G is fully rolled out. Since MMWs are absorbed by water particles and our cells are mostly water, there are concerns that this could bring about a lower resistance in humans.

Also, the study found that MMWs modified properties of these bacteria by altering their sensitivity to “different biologically active chemicals, including antibiotics” (4). The MMWs seem to be making the bacteria more resistant to antibiotics. Not exactly good news.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

More Biologically Active – More Dangerous

Other studies on 5G type exposures have found effects on the heart, effects on the immune system and effects on cell growth rates (cancerous conditions). Not to mention effects on plants – think GMOs on steroids.

There haven’t been nearly enough studies done on 5G. And as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading because they do not pulse the waves.

This pulsing of the waves is no small detail. As Alasdair Philips from Powerwatch comments 5G will be more biologically active than previous generations of cellular technology. What we are actually saying here is that 5G will potentially be much more dangerous than current cell technologies.

For a more in-depth analysis of the potential dangers of 5G technologies, check out this powerful resource.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

How To Protect Yourself From 5G

It’s not absolutely clear what 5G will mean in terms of our health. But what is 100% clear is that 5G will only contribute to the already concerning levels of electrosmog in our environment.

While the implications of these technologies for our health are somewhat predictable, they absolutely have not been adequately studied for safety.

This is why I recommend taking steps to safeguard your health as much as possible from these different forms of electromagnetic pollution. Here are some steps you can take.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Keep Away From Your Body

Read your smartphone’s owner manual. You may notice that it warns against (most of them) using your cell phone directly on the body. This means try not carrying it around in your pocket or bra. You can also invest in an EMF-blocking case that can protect you from the constant radiation emanating from your phone.

One that I have found to be very powerful in this regard is the Defender Shield.

Do Away With Wireless Devices

Eliminate any form of wireless device in your home. Use a hardwired connection as opposed to WiFi and get rid of cordless phones, wireless baby monitors and the like. In today’s world, you may not be able to eliminate all wireless devices, but I would highly recommend at least using a hardwire connection for internet. If you must use wifi, switch it off during the night.

Eliminate Bluetooth devices from your life – particularly Bluetooth headsets. Replace them with wired or air-tube versions. If you stream a lot of music on your cellphone, try instead downloading that music to your phone and listening with it in airplane mode.

EMF Detection

Invest in an EMF meter to identify EMF hotspots in your home or call in an EMF consultant to do it for you. Seeing is believing. It’s only when you have actual EMF readings that you will have the necessary information you need to take steps to make your home a healthier place.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Active EMF Protection

You want to eliminate EMF exposure in the bedroom as much as possible, I would say this is one of the most critical tips. Remove electronic devices from the room, especially cell phones. If you have an alarm clock, move it as far away from the bed as possible.

You can also install EMF filters in your outlets. Greenwave is a great brand that is simple to install. You will want to plug in at least 2 of these in your bedroom, ideally into the outlets closest to your bed. Finally, you can simply move your bed away from the walls.

Final Thoughts on 5G

AT&T and Verizon have already announced the development of 5G phones network in select cities.  Other service providers are following hot on their heels. Don’t delay. Take action now to protect you and your family from the hidden dangers of electro-pollution.

Additionally, Dr. Jockers recommends grounding your body daily by going barefoot outside each day on grass, dirt, sand or even concrete to get the healthy EMF exposure emitted by the Earth itself.  This form of EMF is very familiar to our bodies and helps to relax the stress response and promote and environment of rest and repair in our internal physiology.  It is simple to do and cost nothing at all!  Read more about grounding in this article.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

EMF and 5G Awareness Webinar

EMFs are BIG business, and they can also be a BIG problem for your health. Protecting yourself and your family (pets too) should be priority #1 as 5.G. gets rolled out across the globe.

Dr Barry Trower was a microwave weapons expert in the British Secret Service. He said this about EMF’s… “Anyone who puts wifi into a school should be locked up. They have NEVER looked at the research if they would do that.”

New research shows that EMFs being emitted from your cell phone, Wi-Fi, and cell towers can be worse than smoking cigarettes. ADHD, brain fog, headaches, even cancer & autoimmune disorders can all be linked to EMF exposure.

Many of our followers know this, and they turn off their cell phones at night and turn off your Wi-Fi routers thinking that they’re safe, but the reality is that regular household items like stoves and refrigerators are now some of the highest producing Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) devices in your home!

The problem is – our homes are full of them. And our schools. And even our churches…  And there is ZERO research showing that they are safe. Quite the opposite… over 1,000 studies now show that EMF’s are EXTREMELY harmful to our health.

And you are being bombarded by them – every – hour – of the day.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

And now, new 5G technology will require a small cell phone station EVERY 500 FEET in urban areas. Add to that the recent announcement of 20,000 satellites that will orbit the earth, microwaving us from a distance and it’s a frightening future indeed.

Thankfully, we have found a solution that is backed-by-science, EMF-blocking technology that has made a HUGE difference in our home.  Thank God!

This Wednesday, January 19th,  I’m putting together an EMF and 5G Awareness webinar explaining some of the existing and future dangers – and discussing one of the best current solutions, the Qi EMF device. The webinar will be hosted by my good friend Trevor King, Producer of the “Live Longer” series. He has some very revealing short videos as part of the presentation, including footage of the Qi device in action.

He will also speak to one of the pioneers behind the Qi devices in more detail and even show you a demonstration of the Qi in action.

You will get the chance to ask your own questions at the end as well if you join us live for the EMF and 5G Awareness webinar.  We will also have an exclusive community group discount that will give you the best possible price on the devices with this amazing technology.

[To register, simply go here and enter your email.]

The whole thing should last an hour at the most and it’s an enjoyable time.  If you are unable to make it live, simply register and you will be sent the webinar replay that will be available to listen too and you can take advantage of the exclusive group discount until January 26th.  Be sure to share this EMF and 5G Awareness webinar with your friends and family as well!

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Use Qi Home Cell™ EMF Protection 

To protect my home from dangerous EMFs, I personally use the Qi Home Cell™ EMF Protection.  This technology emits a healthy anti-oxidant rich electromagnetic field that has a calming and healing impact on the body.  While it is certainly an investment, I was compelled to get it when I realized how damaging EMF’s could be for my family and I have been very satisfied with the results and how calm everyone is in our house since we put this in.

This product is designed and engineered to provide a true sanctuary against EMFs and radiation in your home.  It is similar to bringing the healthy EMF of the forest or the beach into your home and living space.  It will improve your home life, air quality, water, food safety, energy levels, and overall health.

The nice thing about this product is my family and I don’t have to be concerned about dirty electricity inside the house, 5G or anything else while we are in the home because of the protective field that the Qi technology provides.  Check out the video here to learn more and see why I was so impressed with this.



The free electrons that are bombarded and destroyed by radiation pollution around us, is what these Qi devices help to generate. By restoring these electrons to the space around the device, it’s creating a zone that buffer you and your family (pets included) from the damage cause by EMF radiation.

  1. You can use Qi Home Devices without it effecting your cell phone and other devices. (They can both be “on” at the same time.)
  2. They have a Qi Mobile Device that you can take with you in a car or airplane to protect yourself from the higher exposure levels that can come when traveling.
  3. They have different devices available for different needs – Qi Home will protect a 25 foot radius, Qi Shield will protect an entire vehicle, and Qi Mobile is a personal protection device. Whatever your needs, there is a device available for you.
  4. There is zero assembly or installation needed.
  5. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can see for yourself how awesome it is, and a two-year warranty should it need repairs.
  6. Manufacturing is not automated or out-sourced.

The Germany-based company makes all their devices with care using quality materials sourced as locally as possible. Then each Qi device is checked to make sure it does what it was designed to do – protect your home from EMF radiation. Start protecting your family and your home as well.  Check out this video on the Qi Shield Home EMF Protection study.

Our Story:

Our children were waking up a lot at night and Angel and I were just not feeling well rested on a regular basis.  Then a friend told us about the Qi device and I went out and researched it and purchased one to try in our home.

All of us noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE in our sleep quality and our energy levels after we brought this in.  Since then, I have turned hundreds of people on to the Qi technology over the last 3 years and have heard so many great testimonials.

This is a real game changer when it comes to shielding your body from the harmful impact of EMF and overall radiation.  We are super thankful for our Qi devices that protect us from radiation in our home and vehicles.  Check out this amazing testimonial story about the Waveguard technology and how it dramatically impacted this man’s health.

We have put together a special group buy deal here that is exclusive for our community on that gets you the very best deal on the Qi EMF devices.

5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

Author’s Biography:

Lloyd Burrell is the founder of His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!

Sources For This Article Include:

1. Kaszuba-Zwoinska, J., Gremba, J., Galdzinska-Calik, B., Wojcik-Piotrowicz, K., & Thor, P. J. (2015). Electromagnetic field induced biological effects in humans. Przeglad Lekarski, 72(11), 636–641. PMID: 27012122
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5G, Are 5G Phones Safe For Your Health?

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  1. Thank you. It’s great to see doctors starting to acknowledge the dangers of EMFs and electromagnetic radiation.

  2. There is a newly installed 5G tower right outside my window, about 15 feet away.

    Cornet meter on its way.

    What can I do to protect myself?

    1. Hey Eric, you will want to increase your intake of magnesium, DHA, and hydrate well with reverse osmosis or spring water. Cold showers and ice baths can also be helpful. Consider a ketogenic diet with plenty of antioxidants to mitigate inflammation. When you can get out into nature, get plenty of sunlight, and ground by getting your bare feet on the earth. Hope that helps!

    2. Move. Go to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s site and see what he suggests. There is fabric you can hang on your walls and paint you can use, but it has to be grounded. Because these waves are very short, the scientists say there isn’t anything to prevent the microwaves from penetrating our bodies. We need a march on DC and the FCC. The telecom industry needs to be severely punished in court for moving ahead with a technology that knowingly damages our bodies. But did you know that congress made them exempt from litigation? 75% of our insects and songbirds are gone because of wifi. 5G is worse.

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